Keep the spirits high with essential oil Christmas bundle

Feeling under pressure and a little worn down is fairly common in the lead up to Christmas. Things can get pretty chaotic, so if you start feeling frayed, isn't it good to know that you can rely on our wonderful range 100% pure & natural, organic essential oils to help bring you back to the present moment, and boost your vitality and wellbeing.

In particular, we recommend the following essential oils and pure blends to see you through. Available now, lovingly packaged in our beautiful, eco-responsible, Nepalese lokta paper gift boxes and at an extra festive price! These make the perfect, most thoughtful gifts or stocking-fillers for loved ones, or perhaps you should just go ahead and treat yourself (yes, you deserve it!).

christmas gift set blog3
SANTA’S HELPERS $49.95 FOR THE SET (usually $69.95). Introducing our most restorative trio of pure blends: Revitalize (organic) for that boost of vitality and vigor when it’s needed most, Stress Less (organic) to ease anxiety, calm the nerves and support a return to healthy balance, and Ambient Harmony (organic) to maintain equilibrium and promote togetherness in moments of holiday madness.

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FIRST AID ESSENTIALS $49.95 FOR THE SET (usually $69.95)
Three of most curative and supportive essential oils, to nurture optimum health and wellbeing over summer: Lavender True (organic) for natural healing in minor burns and cuts, to relax and soothe, useful for headaches and sleeplessness. Peppermint (organic) to help ease headache and body aches, to balance nausea, to clear congestion and to support mental clarity. Tea Tree (organic) supports healthy respiration, helps ease congestion and aids natural healing.

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HOLIDAY ROMANCE $49.95 FOR THE SET (usually $69.95)
Feel the love with this seductive little trio: Absolute Romance (organic) the quintessential love potion, crafted to relax and soothe, whilst leading you through indulgent layers of aromatic stimulation. Absolute Passion (organic) a luxuriously sensual, fiery and bold blend designed to energise sensory responses and awaken desires. Rose 3% in Jojoba (organic) therapeutically uplifting, comforting, balancing and cleansing on all levels – mind, body and soul.

Here’s to nature’s gifts, and a season of spreading wellness!