Absolute Pets

Natural pet products that don't compromise on quality and effectiveness; all ingredients are safe, natural, organic and good for your horse or dog.

Organic Equine Health Cleanse  
NZD $24.95
Concentrated anti-fungal & anti-bacterial wash. Relieves minor bites and stings.
Organic Equine Health Inhale (organic)  
NZD $34.95
Provides natural support for inhalation during exercise, eases breathing & soothes irritations.
Organic Equine Health Protect (organic)  
NZD $34.95
Helps reduce minor bacterial & fungal infections.
Organic Equine Health Renew (organic)  
NZD $34.95
Reduces minor scar tissue and relieves dryness and itching. Moisturises and nourishes the skin.
Organic Equine Health Repair (organic)  
NZD $34.95
Healing & soothing to minor wounds and skin irritations.
Organic Equine Health Repel (organic)  
NZD $24.95
Deters flies & other small biting, flying insects. Soothes and clean itching bites.