Gifts - Mother & Child

Honour new life and maternal grace with beautifully pure natural products

Maternity Balance & Birth (organic)  
NZD $69.95
Share your delight at the news with a gift of nature to accompany you on this amazing journey. Absolute Essential has selected 3 pure essent...
Maternity Body Essentials (organic)  
NZD $49.95
Help your loved ones to stay safe and natural with the best possible botanical blends. Maternity Stretchmark Oil (organic), Maternity Massag...
Baby and Child: Sleep Essentials (organic)  
NZD $69.95
Unbroken sleep often becomes a distant memory in the early stages of parenting. Encouraging baby s restorative sleep with therapeutic oils c...
Baby Care Essentials (organic)  
NZD $49.95
At Absolute Essential we believe that the most appropriate gift for new parents is one that honours the purity and the wisdom of the newborn...