Gifts A to Z

Full list of Absolute Essential's Gift Range.

First Aid Essentials (organic)  
NZD $69.95
Just three essential oils can cover most bases for natural family first aid care. Cuts, burns, bites, pimples, headaches, growing pains, bac...
Busy Lifestyle Essentials (organic)  
NZD $69.95
In an accelerated modern world, we may well find we need some extra support to help us restore natural wellbeing. This wholesome, safe essen...
Maternity Balance & Birth (organic)  
NZD $69.95
Share your delight at the news with a gift of nature to accompany you on this amazing journey. Absolute Essential has selected 3 pure essent...
Maternity Body Essentials (organic)  
NZD $49.95
Help your loved ones to stay safe and natural with the best possible botanical blends. Maternity Stretchmark Oil (organic), Maternity Massag...
Baby and Child: Sleep Essentials (organic)  
NZD $69.95
Unbroken sleep often becomes a distant memory in the early stages of parenting. Encouraging baby s restorative sleep with therapeutic oils c...
Natural Beauty Essentials (organic)  
NZD $49.95
The gift of beautiful wellbeing comes to you here in two unique blends of the natural world's finest raw ingredients.
Immune Care Essentials (organic)  
NZD $69.95
Absolute Essential brings you a complete range of Pure Blends to support healthy immunity and vital, restorative breathing. Immune Plus is a...
Lovers Pure Essentials (organic)  
NZD $69.95
This is a gift to lovers in celebration of life s most sensual journey. Three essential oil Pure Blends, each with a distinct mood, to accom...
Chakra Oil Set (organic)  
NZD $198.00
Connect with your body's energetic blueprint and enhance balance and health using these body ready Chakra blends.