Pure Blends

Our range of pure essential oil blends support emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Click here to browse through them from A-Z.

Absolute Passion (organic)  
NZD $32.95
Luxuriously sensual, fiery and bold, this blend unleashes the full potential of therapeutic oils for sensory stimulation. Unabashedly exotic...
Absolute Romance (organic)  
NZD $32.95
An absolutely pure, natural love-potion. A beautifully crafted romantic fragrance with sensual overtones to encourage lovers to access their...
Ambient Harmony (organic)  
NZD $29.95
The tone of this blend is gently euphoric and very open. It is wonderfully balancing and can be used to encourage humour and clarity. Use it...
Baby Care: Nose & Chest (organic)  
NZD $29.95
A carefully crafted formulation that works in harmony with baby's body to support natural processes of oxygen flow. Designed to support a ch...
Birth Time Calm (organic)  
NZD $24.95
The inevitable anxieties around birth are best managed with sensible preparation and an open mind. Breathing is, of course, our best natural...
Blemish Free (organic)  
NZD $32.95
This amazingly gentle, restorative blend is a wonder for adolescent or menstrual skin due to its inherent astringent and antiseptic properti...
Brain Power (organic)  
NZD $32.95
If you want to be at your peak for learning in an atmosphere conducive to study, the essential ingredients here are blended to assist natura...
Breathe Easy (organic)  
NZD $29.95
Our vital life force is deeply influenced by the quality of our breathing. Which is why this blend has been carefully crafted to support nat...
Bugs Repel (organic)  
NZD $24.95
Keep biting insects at bay with this potent essential oils blend. A totally natural plant formula with no harmful chemicals. Safe for the fa...