Seven specialised body blends with potent therapeutic oils to support healing and balance.

Base Chakra Oil (organic)  
NZD $34.95
The base chakra (located at the base of the spine) relates to the core of life's physical and practical aspects affecting our fundamental se...
Brow Chakra Oil (organic)  
NZD $34.95
The brow chakra, also known as the third eye, pertains to our perceptual abilities and inner vision. Brow Chakra Oil is a pure natural formu...
Crown Chakra Oil (organic)  
NZD $34.95
At the crown chakra we find the centre of empathy, unity and universal consciousness. Made with pristine, organic essential oils Crown Chakr...
Heart Chakra Oil (organic)  
NZD $34.95
The heart chakra creates balance in our lives. When we move into the heart energy, we gain the capacity to feel love and compassion towards ...
Navel Chakra Oil (organic)  
NZD $34.95
The navel chakra (lower abdomen) is the centre of free moving watery elements of the body, which influences our reproductive and creative en...
Solar Chakra Oil (organic)  
NZD $34.95
The solar chakra (below base of chestbone) is the power centre where we develop our autonomy, sense of self and intellect. Solar Chakra Oil ...
Throat Chakra Oil (organic)  
NZD $34.95
Our capacity for effective communication is governed by the throat chakra - our personal truth and the expression of our inner purpose. Thro...
Chakra Oil Set (organic)  
NZD $198.00
Connect with your body's energetic blueprint and enhance balance and health using these body ready Chakra blends.