Clays & Plant Butters

Deep bio-nutrition from naturally body-perfect materials.

Cocoa Butter (organic)  
NZD $29.95
This smooth, natural product is a wonderful emollient that is rapidly absorbed, making it an excellent base from which to create your own ta...
Clay Powder: Argyle pink  
NZD $24.95
Pink Argyle Clay Powder has a wonderfully mild composition that makes it perfect for sensitive and delicate skin. It brings the same famous ...
Clay Powder: Argyle white  
NZD $24.95
A cleansing mask with this fine powder works to increase blood circulation and the flow of oxygen to healthy tissue (thus assisting nutritio...
Shea Butter (organic)  
NZD $32.95
This all-natural plant butter creates a smooth and silky texture when utilised in creams and balms. It is especially nourishing for the lips...
Clay Powder: Argyle yellow  
NZD $24.95
Yellow Argyle Clay Powder offers a wonderfully mild middle ground for the therapeutic clay family. It has similar curative and cleansing pro...
Clay Powder: Argyle red  
NZD $24.95
High in iron oxide, Red Clay is a gentle, rejuvenating clay for most skin types. It works to absorb excess oil and draw out toxins, bacteria...