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Absolute Essential Distilleries Even when it is nothing more than a tin roof over a distiller seemingly in the middle of nowhere, each distillery that serves the Absolute Essential factory practices an artisan level of essential oil production. All over the world we support small organic farms and cooperatives that produce organic or sustainable-wild harvests for a hand-crafted distillation process. In some cases, entire villages are supported by our collective purchases. We pay fairly and receive unique quality oil to our specifications.

Most of our producers have been supplying us for at least 20 years.

Absolute Essential Headquarters We are a small dedicated team with a collaborative work ethic and a healthy, supportive, work environment. The Absolute Essential offices, clinic and in-house certified organic factory are situated on a rural, 16 acre site. When the premises were first converted from a barn and an original cobbles factory, back in 2002, we took pains to create a healthy, eco-friendly space. We made a deliberate move from Auckland city centre because we wanted to achieve a greater degree of sustainable green business practice. We strive to attract and protect wildlife through our non-spray/ non-poison policy for the entire property and have planted thousands of trees to enrich the natural environment (plenty of natives such as Flax and Kowhai).

Our in-house organic factory was certified organic by Assure Quality in 2008.

The Absolute Essential Holistic Healthcare Clinic has been an integral part of our operational development for over 15 years. All Absolute Essential therapeutic blends have been created through direct experience in this registered medicinal practice. Founding director Bo Hendgen D.O.N.D is a qualified naturopath, osteopath and aromatic medicine practitioner, with over 17 years of hands on experience. She is currently available for personal online consultancy, click here.

Absolute Essential also has a specialty product line called Organic Equine Health. Designed for professional horse care based on the same exceptional standards of organic natural ingredients.