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We are a proudly New Zealand company and embrace the bounty of Aotearoa spirit.

We believe that people and planet are dynamic beings with a natural capacity for perfect balanced health; that everything in the natural world is connected; and that it is not possible to nurture authentic health in one living being with a process that is damaging to another.

The more we strive to protect our environment and produce oils from harmonious organic processes, the greater the medicinal effect through natural integration with the body.

Absolute Essential has nurtured sustainable business practice since its inception 30 years ago.

  • We are committed to exemplary environmental, ethical and fair standards at all stages.
  • We source organic or wild-grown ingredients originating in 56 countries worldwide and deal direct to support small-hold, eco-friendly businesses, making conscious choices to benefit future generations.
  • The final crafting of the raw materials takes place at our in-house certified organic factory.
  • We plant trees for air miles. Practice a 'zero-waste' recycling policy. Employ all on-site workers locally. And practice conscious consumption from eco-lights to low-volume printing.
  • We do not use petrochemicals, parabens, cleaning chemicals or pesticides. We do not work with large industrial companies. We do not use materials that have been tested on animals.
  • Our holistic healthcare practice gives us invaluable insight to the needs of the people we serve.

Click here to see a more detailed break-down of our sustainable business practice.

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