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Ceramic Reed Diffuser Set

LIMITED OFFER: Freshen the air in an instant, with minimal effort and fuss. This beautiful diffuser set features an attractive, earth-friendly, re-usable ceramic vessel, 100% natural reeds that are sustainably sourced and not treated, bleached or dyed - plus a bonus FREE 10ml Organic Lemon Essential Oil (RRP $22.95). So you're all ready to go!
Small (NZD $29.95)
Large (NZD $34.95)

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Fully Ceramic Vessel, 10x Natural Reed Sticks & 1x Lemon Essential Oil (organic) 10ml.

Reed diffusers are one of the easiest ways to instantly freshen up your living environment or workspace (perfect for the bathroom!). They don't need a heat or power source. Instead, they use reeds to draw the essential oil from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the reed, where the aroma is then released into the air.
Unlike many on the market this reed diffuser is re-usable (say NO to single use, YES to sustainability). It requires virtually no maintenance. However if and when you are ready to change out the fragrance, you will need to replace the reeds with new ones and wash the vessel thoroughly (dishwasher-safe).
Set Includes
  • Fully Ceramic Vessel
    No nasty plastics to taint the air or compromise the fragrance. Zero light exposure, so the integrity of the essential oil and its health-giving qualities are completely protected.
  • Natural Reed Sticks x 10
    Non-treated and 100% natural. Most reeds you will find have been dyed or bleached (releasing toxins into the air) - but not ours. They're earth friendly, sustainably sourced and environmentally sound.
  • Lemon Essential Oil (orgnaic) 10ml Citrus limonum
    This heavenly, 100% pure plant oil has positive, uplifting qualities and supports clear thinking, humour and decisiveness. It also has excellent cleansing and antibacterial properties - making it the quintessential room-freshener!
Instructions for Use
Empty bottle of essential oil into the vessel. Add the reeds (be sure they're all the way in, touching the bottom). Wait for 15 minutes until the oil has soaked half way up, then remove the reeds, turn them over, and place back into the vessel (spreading out into a fan arrangement). TIP: Turn the reeds every few days to release a burst of aroma.
PLEASE NOTE: One 10ml bottle of essential oil, or one of our 10ml pure blends, should last around 6-8 weeks using this reed diffusion method. You can 'water down' the solution within the vessel by adding one part essential oil to 1-2 parts organic ethanol. Available here. New reed sticks (in bundles of 20) can also be purchased separately, available here.