A healthy touch

In 1848, German-Hungarian surgeon Ignaz Semmelweis suggested that medical professionals should start washing their hands. It was such a controversial idea, he was fired.

By the early 1900s hand washing had become more widely accepted. It’s incredible to think that something as simple as washing your hands was once so scandalous, and it wasn’t all that long ago. Now we do it every day, multiple times a day (or we should!). We come in contact with germs all the time and they can get into our bodies when we touch our faces, eyes and mouths. And since the beginning of 2020, washing our hands properly took on a new level of importance.

Now, washing our hands is the socially responsible thing to do. Hand sanitiser is all around us…every shop, restaurant, doctor’s clinic and petrol station…anywhere there is a chance of social contact. It has become a crucial household product in our efforts to stay healthy. And whilst we appreciate the gesture of free sanitiser, a huge downside is how drying and irritating many of these commercial hand hygiene products are. 

To be genuinely effective at killing germs, hand sanitiser needs to be at least 60% alcohol. Alcohol can be dehydrating on its own, and the other harsh chemical ingredients, such as triclosan (a known irritant and hormone disruptor), can be really rough on your skin. As a result, our hands can become cracked and sore, and germs just love to live in those little nooks and crannies. 

Our hospital-grade Purify Hand Sanitiser gel is made from 70% organic ethanol. We have added some epidermis-loving, naturally soothing and antimicrobial ingredients like Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus and Calendula to help kill germs, nourish your skin, and give you an aromatic lift at the same time. We can’t avoid sanitising our hands, but it shouldn’t make us feel worse! So, give the mystery chemical sanitisers the swerve and rest assured that there’s an available option that’s very safe, effective and natural - with a stunning aroma.  

A further thing we have to contend with is the face mask. On top of general pandemic concerns, we often have to deal with mask rash. A small issue in the overall scheme of things, but we really don’t need anything extra to worry about during these times.

The rash occurs when the fabric and friction of a face mask, and the moist environment underneath it, leads to the hair follicles on your face becoming aggravated and/or clogged. If you try to cover it up with makeup, it can get even worse. Although not serious, it can be sore and make you feel down because, well, a rash on the face is never that uplifting. 

One thing you can do to help your skin is add a few drops of Rose 3% in Jojoba to your skin after your morning skincare routine. Jojoba is a liquid wax that will naturally seal the skin and form a protective barrier. Rose acts as a balm to calm the skin, and the mind, which is handy at the moment. Breathe it in as you put on your mask and let the soothing begin.

The Cleansing Spray is a blend of medical-grade ethanol, Eucalyptus Lemon and other effective and aromatic essential oils. Eucalyptus Lemon is exceptionally good at killing viruses quickly, as reported in a recent study. You can also use this beautifully fragrant and non-toxic spray on anything you have to touch – door handles, supermarket trolleys, Eftpos machines, and steering wheels. It will leave surfaces clean and fresh.

Remember poor old Dr Semmelweis, the father of hand sanitation, and know that looking after your skin is also looking after each other.