Announcing 2023 Awards

We’re the proud winners of the Natural Health Products New Zealand 2023 Supreme Award and the inaugural Corporate Responsibility Award. It’s wonderful to have our hard work and commitment to the environment recognised by our industry peers as we continue producing health and skincare products using the world’s finest essential oils.

A healthy touch

Staying safe this year. Plant-based antimicrobials that protect and nourish both hands and face.

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Best in the universe

We are the most scientifically rigorous, the most ethical, the most organic, the most sustainably produced and we’re quietly confident that our essential oil-based products are the highest quality available.



Mindful Scents

Tuesday, 7th November, 12:30 NZDT

Tuesday, 7th November, 19:00 NZDT

Essential oils renowned for their ritual applications, spiritual uses, and connection to the natural world.

"I highly recommend these products.
They are effective, safe to use and of the best quality."

Lisa Baptista, Chiropractor DC, Senior Lecturer
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