The Power of Seven. Must-haves for the medicine cabinet this winter.

The change of seasons from autumn to winter can bring on sniffles and colds, so now’s the time to prepare by doing all we can to fortify our bodies and immune systems and guard against airborne germs. 

Eating fresh fruit, vegetables and whole foods, easing off sugar and alcohol, regular hand washing and getting plenty of sleep form the basis of self-care heading into winter – or any time!

But if you want to add another layer of protection against seasonal illnesses, using pure, certified organic essential plant oils to build up your defences is a great place to start.

Harnessing the power of nature

Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, expectorant, analgesic and relaxing properties are readily available with the right combination of certified organic essential oils - as are important vitamins, nutrients and detoxifying compounds to benefit sustained health.

Here are the top seven must-have certified organic essential oils, and one blend, from our range to have on hand as we head into winter:

Eucalyptus Australiana - Possibly the best known cold and flu remedy of all time. With a clean and refreshing aroma, it’s perfect for clearing sinus congestion and supporting healthy respiration.

Lavender Spike - Calming, relaxing, and complete family care. Great for treating coughs and respiratory issues.

Mānuka - An immunity staple with added cleansing properties. Great for supporting decongestion.

Tea Tree - A very versatile immune tonic. Cleansing, antiviral and antibacterial – an absolute staple in every home emergency kit.

Lemon - Family-friendly, very refreshing and supports general immunity.

Peppermint  Cool and refreshing. It supports healthy breathing and clears congestion.

Thyme Thymol - Supports natural immune functions and healthy respiratory activity. Uplifting and strengthening.

Purify: Hand SanitiserA fresh and cleansing blend to effectively kill germs, leave hands purified and revitalise the senses. Made to hospital specified standards with 100% organically certified Ethanol. 

If you’d prefer to have a total solution in one small bottle, Absolute Essential has two professionally formulated blends, Immune Care  and Child Immune Care, that bring the most effective combination of pure, certified organic essential oils together for maximum immune protection and winter health. They’re not only convenient, but also a cost-effective way to get all the certified organic essential oils you need in one hit. Pure blend magic!

Three great ways to use our certified organic Immune Care blends for winter wellness:

1: Therapeutic bath 

Adults - 10 drops of Immune Care added to a bath/foot bath 2-3 times a week or daily to ease ills and chills.

Children - 3-5 drops of Child Immune Care to 1 cup of fatty milk (nut, bean, grain or dairy) diluted in a bath 1-2 times a week for prevention, or daily to soothe ills and chills.

2: Diffusion 

Adults - 10 drops of Immune Care into an Ultrasonic Ceramic Aroma Diffuser. Replenish every 2 hours.

Children - 5 drops as above, replenish once per night. Note: if you’re sharing a bedroom with your child, use the Child Immune Care blend.

3: Direct Support 

Adults - Rub 1-2 drops of Immune Care to pulse points and soles of feet, repeat 2-5 times daily.

Child (over 2 years old) - Rub 1 drop of Child Immune Care to soles of feet 2 times a day, or add 1 drop to the collar of clothing 2-5 times day and at night.