Natural silly season saviours

The temperature’s inching upwards. The legs are making an appearance. Summer must be on its way. But this year, rather than get caught short by the barrage of bugs and BBQs, why not remember the 3Ps (Prepare, Protect, Party) and stock up on a few tried and tested remedies that will keep you happy and healthy all summer long.



Like every good Boy Scout knows, it pays to be prepared. Here are our top three natural ingredients to have on hand if you want to be ready for everything summer throws your way.

Cymbopogon wintrianus

Powerfully-scented Citronella oil is high in teprenones (the tiny molecules the plant itself uses to repel bugs). Thankfully, us humans can also tap into all that natural efficacy by extracting the oil in its purest form and applying it to our bodies. We’ve harnessed the power of Citronella in our Bug Repellent Spray, a formula that’s skin-friendly and gentle enough to be used on babies over 6 months old. It’s a great natural alternative to chemical repellents.

TIP: If the smell of Citronella is not your thing, consider Eucalyptus Lemon instead.

Tea Tree
Melaleuca alternifolia

A medicine cabinet staple – Tea Tree oil is a great allrounder – a natural insect repellent, it’s also an effective treatment for bites and stings, with powerful antiseptic properties. Since Tea Tree also boasts antifungal properties, you could try adding a few drops into a foot bath after adventures under the sun to keep feet healthy and ready for their next mission.

Mentha piperita

Helpful in easing aches and sprains, Peppermint oil is a great first aider to throw in your backpack before you head out for a hike. It really is the perfect silly season saviour, with a refreshing scent that can treat headaches and nausea (what, hangover?!). Oh, and don’t forget to take it on those roadies, ferry trips and pleasure cruises, because it’s a natural remedy for motion sickness too.

Find out more about using Essential Oils as first aid remedies.



The sun. The wind. The saltwater. Summer can be a cocktail of calamity for your skin. Thankfully, there are a few natural ways to redress the balance and keep the body’s protective barrier healthy – here are three of our favourites.

Aloe Vera
Aloe barbadensis

Cooling, soothing and healing, Aloe Vera has become a real summer skin saviour, and with good reason. It has moisturising properties to help with keeping skin supple and healthy, while also helping to calm skin irritations, itchy bites and sunburn. And it blends well with other oils to help target specific complaints or conditions.

Jojoba Golden
Simmondsia chinensis

Rich, nourishing Jojoba Oil: Golden strengthens the skin’s natural defences against the harsh effects of summer. Use as a moisturiser or apply to hair to protect it from the drying effects of the sun and saltwater. Jojoba Golden is also a great carrier for other Essential Oils so why not have a go at making your own skincare blends?

TIP: Apply a layer of Jojoba Golden to form a natural barrier between you and any necessary nasties in your sunscreen.

Lavender Sweet
Lavandula hybrida

Lavender Sweet has a well-earned reputation as a go-to skin care staple. It assists with natural healing and regeneration processes and can be applied directly to mild burns and stings, or incorporated into your daily routine to keep skin calm, clear and decongested. Why not add a few drops to your favourite night cream to help you get some valuable beauty sleep too?



Because we can’t all be angelic 100% of the time, here’s our number 1 party-starter to get the festivities started.

Citrus limonum

Zesty and fresh! Just like your mood will be after inhalation. The aroma of Lemon oil is renowned for creating a positive atmosphere and encouraging humour, but it’s not all party-party. Lemon has a practical side too. It acts as a natural insect repellent and boasts some serious cleansing properties. Try mixing a few drops with Epsom salts in a foot bath (not too warm, to avoid skin irritation) for a morning-after detox.