You’re invited to join Dr Bo Hendgen as she shares her knowledge on natural health and skin care every month, with a series of 9 webinars covering a broad range of topics.

Just $25.00 for each webinar. And you can bring a friend for free! 

If the cost is an obstacle, just pay whatever you can afford, no worries.

Book through Humanitix and 50% of the proceeds will go towards helping disadvantaged children around the world receive an education. 

Look and feel a decade younger

Natural skincare routines and plant extracts to stare down the inevitable signs of aging.

Hormonal support for puberty and beyond

How to use essential oils to bring balance to hormonal activity during life’s phases of considerable change.


Probiotics, detoxification and the plant distillations that can make a positive difference to your health.

So-called miracle oils

Taking an in-depth look at those plants with a reputation for tackling serious diseases.

Healing perfume

Why the aromas you want to wear as a beautiful fragrance can have useful therapeutic benefits.

The kitchen pharmacy

Healthcare should always start in the home. Learn some delicious ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.