5 key reasons why we’re the best

We totally understand how many essential oils brands are competing for your attention, and you also may have noticed that we aren’t the cheapest. That’s because, put simply, we are the highest quality available and go to great lengths to source, harvest and carefully extract the finest medicinal-grade product. While our essential oil aromas are deeper and more complex than our competitors, it’s the quality of the active therapeutic compounds, delivering proven health benefits, that really set us apart.

  1. Clinical experience

Absolute Essential has been a brand to trust from the very beginning. In 1988 Natural Health Practitioner Dr Bo Hendgen, D.O. N.D. A.M. set off to source and protect the world’s finest natural plant extracts for maximum therapeutic value. 35 years on Dr Bo and her team of clinicians continue to develop high quality health and skincare products to help support general well-being.

  1. Independently Certified Organic and Wild-grown

99.6% of our products are independently certified 100% BioGro organic. The remaining 0.04% are wild-grown. We live by the guiding principles of NO artificial colours, fragrances, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, pesticides, silicones, or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

We are also certified vegan and guarantee no cruelty to animals across our entire range.

  1. Very Careful Extraction

We source the finest raw ingredients and employ the most rigorous scientific methods to create our products. Each of our oils is distilled, cold-pressed or extracted using a slower processing methodology, producing a higher quality product with more of the phytohormones and active compounds retained. Only 4% of the world’s essential oils are created for genuine medicinal purposes – that’s what we use. 

  1. Genuinely Sustainable

We practice sustainability in all areas of our business. From creating innovative recyclable packaging to using demolition concrete for our labels, reusing plant waste as extraction fuel, to working directly with producers to support small-hold, eco-conscious farmers, and businesses. These pillars of sustainability have always run deep through our company and always will. For the full story, we invite you to check out our latest sustainability report: https://absoluteessential.com/pages/sustainability-report

  1. Not MLM

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a contentious practice that incentivises the accumulation of an unpaid workforce over the quality of the product. At least 99% of people signing up to be on-sellers lose money. At Absolute Essential, you can be sure that we pay our staff above the living wage and are not selling false dreams but efficacious and ethical products that we unequivocally stand behind.