A good story

Once upon a time...

Absolute Essential was founded in 1988 by Natural Health Practitioner, Dr Bo Hendgen D.O. N.D. A.M. Bo started out with a pledge to source and protect the world’s finest natural plant extracts for maximum therapeutic value. Her vision to make a positive and permanent difference to people’s lives still drives our ethos today. We are now well known in Asia Pacific for our commitment to balancing efficacy with ethics.

Meticulously formulated

We source the finest raw ingredients and employ the most rigorous scientific methods to create our products. Each of our oils is distilled or extracted using a slower processing methodology, which produces a higher quality product with more of the precious, health-boosting phytohormones retained. Only 4% of the world’s essential oils are created for genuine medicinal purposes – that’s what we use.

Utterly ethical

We source certified organic or wild-grown ingredients from 59 countries worldwide and work directly with producers to support small-hold, eco-conscious farmers and businesses. We also process all raw materials at our own production facility here in Aotearoa, so we can guarantee sustainable manufacturing every step of the way. Our products are sold by professionals, not multi-level marketing schemes.

Actually organic

99.6% of our range is independently certified 100% organic. The remaining 0.4% are wild-grown and for all our products, we live by the mantra of NO artificial colours, fragrances, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, pesticides, silicones or SLS. 

We also guarantee no cruelty to animals across our entire range.

No greenwash here folks

From demolition concrete labels to reusing plant waste as extraction fuel, sustainable practices run deep through our entire business – and always have. 

We have been recognised for our commitment to conscious consumption, carbon neutrality and zero-waste initiatives.

2020 Innovation award - Natural Health Products New Zealand
Innovation of sustainable packaging solutions

2017 Sustainability Award - Natural Health Products New Zealand
Establishing measurable sustainability practices throughout our business

2016 Sustainability Award - Natural Health Products New Zealand
Rebuilding supply chain for growers after earthquake disaster

2015 Supreme award in business - Natural Health Products New Zealand
The inaugural Supreme award acknowledging our achievements in creating a truly sustainable business

2015 Sustainability Award - Natural Health Products New Zealand
Acknowledging our funding initiative for earthquake relief in Nepal