What makes Absolute Essential products so special?+

Only 5% of the world’s essential oils are pure enough to be termed “therapeutic”.
Including ours.

All our ingredients are either certified organic or wild-grown and come from small-hold,
eco-friendly artisans.

Every single one of our products is independently verified as vegan and cruelty-free.

We follow zero waste business principles and use biodegradable, recycled and /
or recyclable materials in our packaging (even our labels are made from demolition

Dr Bo Hendgen, founder and CEO of Absolute Essential, has almost 40 years’ experience
in natural medicine.

What’s the difference between “aromatherapy oils” and “therapeutic plant oils” ?+

Not all essential oils are created equal. Absolute Essential therapeutic plant oils are extracted by a slower, lower-heat process (rather than hot and fast) and because of this, we can make the following claims:

- A purer concentration of therapeutic ingredients.
- Many of our oils are gentle enough to be applied directly to the skin.
- Smaller molecules for more direct access to the brain’s limbic system.
- Medical-grade quality for greater efficacy.
- Safer for use on children as well as in eldercare and pregnancy.

What is an essential oil?+

A volatile liquid with a characteristic therapeutic odour, extracted mainly through distillation but also cold-pressing as well as hexane or CO2 methods.

What is a therapeutic blend?+

It’s a carefully formulated mixture of therapeutic essential oils that has been blended to achieve a
particular clinical outcome.

What is a carrier?+

An oil that’s usually press-extracted from nuts, seeds or kernels and is used for the suspension and blending together of essential oils.

NB: Carrier oils are high in fatty acids and can turn rancid. Not all carriers are greasy, like Aloe Vera Gel or Floral Water.

How does aromatherapy work?+

The tiny scent molecules in essential oils can penetrate the limbic system of the brain, which governs our body’s response to everything from stress to disease. In this way, it is the only medicine that can be applied directly to the brain and highly effective in moving our body and mind towards a desired outcome (e.g. calm, energy or mental focus). Essential Oils are also absorbed by the body via the skin or lungs.

Are Absolute Essential products mother and child safe?+

We’ve made it easier for families to make decisions by clearly marking all products that are safe to use during pregnancy and on children with the Mother and child icon. We have also curated a dedicated Mother & Child range that caters specifically to this group.

While many of our products are gentle enough to use during pregnancy or on children in a diluted form, some essential oils are not suitable. If you or your customers are unsure about any product, we’re always here to help.

Are Absolute Essential oils safe to ingest?+

Ingesting oils should only ever be under the prescription and guidance of a healthcare
professional. However, if oil ingestion has been prescribed, our products are certified
organic and medical grade.

Do Absolute Essential products contain palm oil?+

None of our oils, formulas or creams contain palm oil.

How long do therapeutic oils last?+

The shelf life of our products is clearly displayed on the label and can be anything from 2-8+ years. Some oils even get more potent / effective with age.

Need more information?+

Please contact us.

When will I get my order?+

Our most up to date delivery times can be found here.

Do you ship internationally?+

Yes we do! Check out our estimated delivery timeframes here.

How do discount codes work?+

If you have a discount code, this can be entered when checking out, just before payment. Please note: only one discount code can be applied to an order.