Embracing Your Cycle: The Role of Certified Organic Essential Oils in Women's Wellness

Dive into the rhythm of your menstrual cycle – it’s a powerful way to manage and better understand your body. Certified organic essential oils are highly compatible with women's health due to their properties that help align our biological, mental, and emotional patterns. 

Unfortunately, many women consider their menstrual cycle an inconvenience rather than an integral part of their wellness. This perception is backed by surveys showing that 77% of women tolerate their menstrual cycles, while most female OB/GYNs consider it safe to suppress menstruation with contraceptive pills. 

In some cultures women celebrate the menstrual process, regarding it as a connection with the rhythm of creation. Instead of associating mood swings with inconvenience, we can work to understand the cycle and how it nurtures life more fully.

By aligning with our natural energy flows and reducing the stress of operating against them, our overall well-being and vitality for life can increase. Certain certified organic essential oils contain phytoestrogens - plant hormones that benefit endocrine-related functions, influencing the part of the brain that controls heartbeat, breathing, nervous system responses, and emotions.

By understanding our cycle, we can work with it to improve balance and enhance the quality of each stage in the process.

Here’s what we recommend:

Try massaging the following blend into the small of your back at the beginning of your cycle to support energy and positivity: 1 teaspoon of certified organic Chamomile German: 3% Jojoba essential oil, and 3 drops of certified organic Lemon essential oil.

Towards mid-cycle, add 1-2 drops of certified organic Lavender True and/or Cypress essential oils to the above blend to encourage a calm, clear process.

During pre-menstrual and menstrual phases, massage a blend of 25 drops of certified organic Evening Primrose Oil and 5 drops of our certified organic, clinician-formulated blend Woman Support into the small of your back to offer extra comfort. 

Our certified organic clinician-formulated blend Woman Support is balancing and soothing. It contains certified organic Clary Sage, Geranium, Chamomile Matricaria, and Tarragon French. It’s perfect for your diffuser - add 10 drops and diffuse it into your living or sleeping area. Or, add 10 drops to a warm bath or your favourite massage oil for a comforting remedy. In addition, you can add 5 drops to a wet or dry hot compress and place it on the small of your back.

In conclusion, the menstrual cycle is a natural and integral part of women's health and well-being. Shifting our perspectives and embracing this process can help us to align with our body's natural rhythms, thereby improving overall balance and vitality. The strategic use of certified organic essential oils, with their beneficial properties, can provide support throughout this cycle. By understanding and working with our unique patterns, we can enhance our health, wellness, and quality of life.