Enhance your Christmas celebrations with certified organic essential oils

Get festive with our go-to essential oils and pure blends.

Finding the festive spirit during this time of year can be a challenge for many. Between financial pressures, family dynamics, constant social obligations, and the stress of making everything appear 'merry and bright,' it's easy to feel a bit down. 

But let's not lose sight of the bigger picture. A joyful Christmas isn't measured by the number of presents, the sparkle of the tree, or the restaurant-grade quality of festive fare. It's about spending time with loved ones, celebration, relaxation, and having fun. 

It’s a great idea to take time for yourself to nurture your body, mind, and spirit with aromas that promote good health and a positive, happy mood. After all, spreading joy is easier when you're feeling joyful yourself. Here are a few of our top picks for you this festive season.

Indulging in fatty foods is almost unavoidable during Christmas, and they can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Our 100% organic Rosemary Cineol essential oil can help by supporting the healthy production of bile, crucial for efficient digestion of fatty foods. Diffuse 10 drops into a room at mealtime or add 1-5 drops into the pan when you’re cooking fatty meats - especially delicious with lamb and turkey!

If you've had a bit too much to drink and are dealing with a throbbing head, our certified organic Peppermint essential oil can provide relief. Add a drop onto the back of your hand and lick it, repeating every 30 minutes until the headache subsides. Alternatively, you can apply 2-3 drops on the back of your neck around the hairline or on both temples. Be cautious to avoid the eye area. Peppermint is also effective for soothing regular headaches or migraines at their onset. 

The right blend of essential oils not only creates a delightful, gentle aroma but can also influence the atmosphere of a social gathering with warm scents that support harmony, humour, and easy communication—the perfect ingredients for a Christmas get-together.

Consider trying one of our certified organic pure essential oil blends such as Harmony for balance and bliss, Uplift to inspire positivity and elevate the mood, or Festive Spirit, a warm-wood blend of Myrrh and Frankincense combined with pine and comforting spicy notes to heighten the senses and evoke an atmosphere of generosity and celebration. 

Speaking of celebration, we have another certified organic pure essential oil blend for you to try - Celebrate and the ready-to-go Celebration Spray. The certified organic essential oil Celebrate blend is upbeat and refreshing - sure to lift the spirits. You can add 10 drops to a diffuser or wear it as perfume by dabbing a couple of drops onto your wrists. The Celebration Spray is perfect for spritzing into your space to counter stress, enliven the mood and encourage positivity. 

If you can’t decide which blend to choose, we’ve made things a little bit easier with our money-saving Celebration Blends gift collection. This trio of oils (Festive Spirit, Harmony and Celebrate) can be used together or on their own to set the tone at any social gathering, or even just to add an element of good humour and relaxation to your daily life. 

The gift set is beautifully presented in a hand crafted, sustainable Lokta paper box made by a village paper co-operative in Jiri, Nepal.

These certified organic essential oils and pure blends will have you feeling the love and ready for a wonderful festive season.