Mother and baby skincare essentials

Never is our drive to seek out effective natural products as strong as in pregnancy and early motherhood. Throughout pregnancy, most of us avoid harsh chemicals and toxins wherever we can. And when that precious new life finally arrives and we are charged with safeguarding it – using a skincare product that is anything less than 100% gentle and safe feels at odds with our protective instincts.

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural, organic ingredients that are also effective and clinically proven to help nurture your own skin throughout pregnancy and early motherhood - and your baby’s. Because the skin is the body’s largest organ and our first line of defence against the elements and environmental toxins, it makes sense to protect and nourish it with only the purest natural ingredients. 


All you need is love (and plant oils)

Plant oils are the kindest, and most effective way to take care of your sand your baby’s skin. When we apply them to our bodies, we inherit some of the natural goodness of the plant and they are accepted and absorbed by our own bodies as a compatible natural resource.

Here are some more compelling scientific reasons to stick to plant oils:

-    Unlike creams that contain emulsifiers, oils leave no residue – only soft, supply, healthy skin.

-    Because oil dissolves oil, the surface pores are gently cleansed of any excess sebum and dirt (and the sebum production actually becomes more balanced).

-    The skin’s outer barrier is reinforced by the introduction of natural oils that are absorbed into the surface layers of skin cells and lipids that protect against moisture loss and microbial invasion.

-    With the outer barrier fortified, the inner dermis is protected but can still receive compound nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that all contribute to healthy skin cell function, including elasticity and regeneration.


Ingredients and products to look for

Sweet Almond Oil (certified organic)

If you only choose one quality oil as a moisturiser and/or cleanser for yourself and your baby, make it this one. It’s silky smooth, super-light, soothing and very nourishing. Almonds are a natural source of Vitamin E (the skin vitamin) and this is preserved in its oil format. Consider blending Sweet Almond Oil with essential oils before your baby’s bedtime for a relaxing, sleep-inducing massage:

90ml organic Almond Oil (certified organic is essential for babies)

9ml organic Calendula infused

15 drops of Lavender Sweet 

3 drops of Chamomile Roman 

2 drops of Rose Maroc 

Can be used daily or on every nappy change.

Or perhaps the this blend for limiting stretchmarks before and after birth. Add together in the order listed for optimum outcome.

First combine:

Sweet Almond Oil (certified organic) 75ml

Calendula infused (certified organic) 10ml

Evening Primrose (certified organic)  5ml

Wheatgerm (certified organic)  8ml

98ml of mixed base carrier in total

Then add:

Palmarosa 15 drops

Mandarin 10 drops

Chamomile Roman 3 drops

Rose Maroc 2 drops

Lavender Sweet 10 drops

2ml (40 drops) of essential oils

Total = 100ml


Apply to affected areas morning and night.

If you’d like to make more of your own blends for common conditions, just click here.

Pregnancy and infant care requires the absolute best quality in natural health and wellbeing products. And that’s what Absolute Essential is all about.


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