Natural Support for Times of Grief and Loss

Manage heartache, loss, and grief with certified organic essential oils. 

Love may have many shades, but so do the depths of your strength when facing the unimaginable – divorce, death and loss. 

Certified organic essential oils are your secret weapon for finding the inner strength to cope. There's no magic fix, but certified organic essential oils seamlessly integrate with your natural processes, fortifying your resilience and nurturing your holistic well-being. 

We need resilience in times of bereavement. Losing a loved one sends shockwaves through your entire being. The body's 'fight or flight' response, adrenaline and cortisol, thrusts you into a state of emergency. Please don't underestimate this physical battle; it's a key player in your journey through emotional turmoil. 

People grappling with profound loss often experience a range of physical symptoms, including sleep troubles, weakened immunity, loss of appetite, listlessness, disorientation, headaches, shortness of breath, and exhaustion. These are not mere inconveniences; they are physical issues deserving of serious attention.

Consider Cortisol, the primary stress hormone – certified organic essential oils have been proven in clinical studies to lower its levels, providing relief from stress-related problems.  Our clinician-formulated blends Deep Sleep, to encourage a deep restorative sleep, and Stress Less, to promoted relaxation, are especially for this purpose.

Say goodbye to sleeping pills; a custom blend of essential oils designed for restful sleep is the way to go.

It’s so important to support your immunity and combat fatigue naturally, especially during times of crisis. 

Now, let's tackle the emotional and psychological battleground of grief. This is where certified organic essential oil comfort takes centre stage. Pure certified organic essential oils, teeming with organic molecules, seamlessly integrate with your body's systems. They influence critical functions like heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, the nervous system, and memory and emotions. 

Your body strives to restore balance when faced with illness or trauma, and clinical aromatherapy taps into this natural process. It's about harnessing nature's remedies. 

Grief is a highly individualised process with no set timetable. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, from separation distress to traumatic distress, guilt, remorse, and social withdrawal.

Certified organic essential oils can soothe the storm, offering calm and comfort as your mind navigates the labyrinth of emotions and fears. Below, you’ll find the ones we recommend to help support you during difficult times. 

Rose Damask. With its sky-high energetic frequency, Rose essential oil reigns supreme. It's a tonic, a restorative, and a faithful ally in emotional healing. 

Other certified organic essential oils fit for this purpose include Rose Maroc, Melissa True, Neroli, Bergamot, and Sage.

If you prefer a clinician-formulated solution, try one of these certified organic essential oil blends: 

Sweet Rose - surround yourself with the aroma of tranquillity by inhaling this blend directly from the bottle or diffusing it into your space.

 Rose: 3% in Jojoba or the Heart Chakra blend, which are ready to wear – either applied as a massage oil or directly to your pulse points.

Grief is unique to each individual. Always remember, only high-quality certified organic essential oils will interact with your body at the optimum beneficial level. They are your trusted allies in alleviating heartache, loss, and grief.