Recapture the Enchantment of Christmas with our Pure, Certified Organic Festive Spirit Blend

Festive Spirit evokes the atmosphere of Christmas with its unique and resonant aroma. Designed to set the mood for celebration and foster a sense of sharing leading up to Christmas, this blend enriches the festive experience on the day itself.

Let's explore the key components of this blend and their purpose:

1. Wild-grown Frankincense - With a rich, balsamic fragrance, this ancient scent, integral to the Christmas story, promotes peace, relaxation, wellness, uplifting mood, and spirit.

2. Wild-grown Myrrh - Entwined with Christmas lore, myrrh offers a warming, musky aroma with relaxing and balancing qualities, supporting calm and composure during times of stress.

3. Certified organic Pine Scotch and Fir Balsam - Instantly evoking Christmas memories, these pine-scented oils cleanse and clear, providing a fresh, energising atmosphere and supporting a positive mindset.

4. Certified organic Cinnamon Leaf - Tied to holiday baking traditions, cinnamon, beyond its evocative scent, is reported to aid healthy digestion and fortify immune processes.

5. Certified organic Orange Sweet - A nod to tradition, this citrus oil adds a fresh, cheerful top note reminiscent of the treats found in Christmas stockings.

Inhaling these certified organic essential oils offers an immediate, powerful impact on the brain. It's crucial to ensure the oils you use are 100% pure, unadulterated, certified organic, and safe for the entire family – just like ours.

We wish you the merriest of Christmases and a happy, healthy, aromatic new year!