Sensual science

Massages don’t just feel good. They ARE good - for your body and your relationships. Especially when you’ve been cooped up in a car on a roadie. Or you’ve been living under canvas for a week. Or you’ve hit the wall after silly season.

Having a good rub from yourself, or someone else, is a wonderful way to restore your body and senses to their former glory. And massaging natural, active compounds and healthy nutrients into the skin elevates the massage experience considerably.

We highly recommend combining aromatic therapy with the proven health benefits of touch. Here’s why. 

Massage improves relationships

Regular massage sessions increase our sense of compassion. That’s because touch releases Oxytocin, sometimes called the “love hormone”. This hormone quickly relaxes the body, lowers stress levels and sometimes even reduces the levels of Cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood. Now that’s the kind of vibe that’s beneficial for everyone.

Massage is a huge part of some cultures

In some parts of the world, we’ve lost touch with touch. However, in other cultures, massage is an almost daily part of life. A shoulder rub after school. A foot rub after a hard day’s work. Or a scalp massage in front of the TV. The more we touch, the more comfortable touch makes us and the more we benefit from the sensation of physical contact.

Massage is healing

There have been many studies conducted into the health benefits of massage, with some even suggesting that it can aid in recovery from major illness. The science says that because pressure on the skin increases blood flow in the brain in areas associated with stress and mood, patients are better able to recover. And since massage stimulates areas of the autonomic nervous system that govern everything from heart rate, to breathing and digestion, it’s no wonder its health benefits are lauded by so many.



1: Basil

Ocimum basilicum
Basil has been used for centuries to aid in digestive health. But did you know that it’s also a highly effective “sharpener”, helping you to refocus the mind and make clear decisions? It’s the perfect January pick-me-up, and when rubbed into your skin as part of a nutritious blend, it will help you to get your new year underway with purpose and resolve.

TIP: To balance the herbaceous scent of Basil essential oil we recommend blending with Peppermint oil and Lavender True in equal parts.


2: Cinnamon

Cinnamomum verum
Give your immunity levels a boost after the whirlwind that is the festive season. Cinnamon is prized for its health-boosting benefits and is the perfect addition to any foot rub, thanks to its anti-fungal properties. It also has a warming effect on skin, easing away the day’s aches and pains. However, we don’t recommend applying Cinnamon directly to the skin so be sure to dilute it well in a carrier oilcream or butter.


3: Avocado

Persea americana
Rich in nutrients, Avocado oil contains Vitamin A, B, B2, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin E, Lecithin, and essential fatty acids that soften and soothe the skin. This oil is especially beneficial for dry skin, and for use as after-sun nourishment. All this makes it the perfect carrier oil for your summer rub-downs, restoring lustre and elasticity to the skin. Don’t forget to rejuvenate your hair too, with a soothing scalp massage.


4: Cypress

Cupressus sempervirens
This warm and spicy scent can help you nurture a sense of assertiveness and pride. Uplifting and fortifying, it has energising and astringent properties that can also help to support healthy circulation and prevent cellulite. A few drops of Cypress oil in your massage blend will not only smell great, but lift your mood and energy levels in preparation for the year ahead.

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