Sweet and Seductive Blends for Valentine’s Day

Our hand-picked selection of certified organic essential oils, balms, and blends to help you celebrate the love in your life.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let's delve into the delightful world of pure essential oils with the magical power to infuse passion into your love life. Whether revving up the libido, creating attraction, or sparking desire, fragrant oils have long been revered for awakening the senses and kindling that inner romantic flame. 

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians harnessed the potency of oils and aromatics to elevate passion. Today, science validates what they knew all along – scent directly influences the brain, activating the hormone control centre and orchestrating subtle emotional responses. Perfect for those times when you need a little boost in the romance department. 

Navigating busy lives and juggling multiple commitments can sometimes make it challenging to prioritise intimacy and relationships. But fear not! One whiff of a carefully chosen scent can swiftly transport you away from the mundane and into the enchanting realm of love. 

So, whether you're preparing for a seductive Valentine’s Day date with your partner, hoping to attract the love of your life, or wanting to invite love and harmony into your life, our 100% pure, natural, and certified organic essential oil range has got you covered.

Certified Organic Jasmine 3% in Jojoba

Jasmine, a rare and exotic essential oil, is renowned as an aphrodisiac. Its floral aroma counters lethargy, settles anxiety, and revives lost confidence. Our certified organic Jasmine in Jojoba blend is versatile – use it as a daily perfume, for a heart chakra massage, or on pulse points to restore balance to your senses and feelings.

Certified Organic Rose 3% in Jojoba

The rose is an enduring symbol of love and romance, and Rose essential oil boasts the highest frequency vibration of any natural source. Our Rose in Jojoba blend makes this precious oil more affordable – apply it as a perfume, around the chest, or on pulse points to evoke heart-centered emotions.

Sweet Rose
This exquisite blend seamlessly combines the qualities of Rose with a subtle medley of pure essential oils that perfectly complement its heart-oriented benefits. Ideal for diffusion into living spaces, just 10 drops in a diffuser can fill your surroundings with a harmonious ambiance. Add 10 drops to an evening bath for a relaxing soak. Fully family-friendly, this is a blend that allows you to spread love to parents and children alike, making every day a fragrant celebration of the heart.

Certified Organic Romance Blend 

Our quintessential love potion, this heart-warming blend is crafted to relax, soothe, and stimulate. Set the scene for seduction with a room diffusion, enhance your bedtime routine with a few drops on your pillow and sheets, or indulge in a sensual bath or massage to heighten the romantic atmosphere.

Certified Organic Passion Blend

Taking things to the next level, this luxuriously sensual, fiery, and bold blend is designed to awaken your sensual desires. Suitable for diffusion, pulse points, bath, or massage, it’s an invitation to energise your sexuality and enjoy the full experience.

Certified Organic Romance Massage Oil

An exceptional, pure organic massage oil enriched with emollient, nutrient-rich oils for a silky and pleasurable feel on the skin. Enhanced with aromatic essential oils, it deepens the sensual experience of a loving touch.

Certified Organic Romance Balm

Expertly crafted with an exotic, earthy scent, this massage balm supports deep relaxation and sensuality. Silky smooth and nourishing, it's a wonderful way to enhance the pleasures of tender touch and mutual dedication.

Heart Chakra Blend
Enter the realm of the heart chakra with our specially crafted Heart Chakra Oil. In Sanskrit, the fourth chakra is known as Anahata, meaning 'unhurt.' This name signifies a pure and spiritual space beneath the grievances of past experiences, where no hurt exists. This exceptional formulation aims to support you on the deepest level in your quest for peaceful and harmonious living, love, compassion, and acceptance. To experience its profound effects, simply apply several drops of this body-ready blend in a clockwise direction around the heart area. Let the open, healthy energy in your heart chakra create a flow of loving energy that permeates your life experience, guiding you toward a journey of profound well-being.

While Valentine’s Day is often associated with consumerism, we do embrace the fundamentally healthy tradition of expressing love here at Absolute Essential. Opt for natural products from our exquisite sustainable, ethical, and eco-conscious range to celebrate the day and show the Earth some love too! 

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