Your own personal bodyguard for winter

With lots of seasonal threats coming at us from every direction we need to make sure that we’re taking every precaution to protect ourselves, and our whanau, with the power of plants.

For thousands of years, we have looked towards the healing properties of plants to help boost our immunity and combat coughs, colds, fevers, and flu. The indigenous people of Australia have long used Tea Tree and Eucalyptus for their antiviral and antiseptic properties to temper fevers and ease respiratory ailments. Chinese and Indian medicine has historically used lemon to soothe sore throats and colds.

More recently, over the last 40 years, we have put together some excellent formulas to help you enjoy effective, natural protection and safely treat symptoms if the viruses do make it through your defences.

Firstly, protection:

Purify Air Cleanser
When you are in a closed indoor environment, such as the office or at home, it’s critical to clean and refresh the air you breathe. The scent of this blend is also wonderfully uplifting, a real crowd-pleaser.

Purify Hand Sanitiser 
While out and about, you can protect yourself with our convenient Purify Hand Sanitiser. It is made to hospital-specified standards, effectively kills bugs, and leaves your hands beautifully nourished, soft and clean. Another variation in our Purify range is our Purify: Cleansing Spray. It is great for leaving surfaces clean, germ-free, and smelling fresh - perfect for exercise mats, Eftpos machines, and shopping trolleys.

Immune Care
The immune system takes time to build up and needs continuous nurture and care. Our Immune Care blend is designed to support healthy immune function. During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever. 

 Here are some of our top tips for adding Immune Care to your daily routine: 

  1. When winter ills are circulating at work or at home, apply 3-5 drops onto the soles of your feet before bedtime, then put on some cotton socks. It will get to work throughout your body while you sleep.
  2. Add 5-10 drops to a diffuser and replenish every hour. Everybody in your space will benefit, and it will also give you additional protection at a time when you need it most.
  3. Add 10 drops into ½ a cup of fatty milk (nut, grain, bean, or dairy) and 1 Tbsp of Epsom Salts. Shake and add into bathwater. 

Please note: Therapeutic baths should not exceed 15 minutes as your body releases toxins into the water in the first 15 minutes through the skin, and you don’t want to reabsorb them. Also, don’t share your bath if you are using it for therapeutic purposes. 


Child Immune Care
The sole purpose of this blend is to assist your child’s immune system and make it stronger. It contains gentle and safe child-friendly essential oils.

Here’s how to get the most of this effective formulation:

  1. Apply 1-2 drops to the collar of your child’s clothing or on a tissue before you send them off to day care, kindy, or school. This will help ensure they can breathe easily.
  2. Add 5 drops to a diffuser and place it near your child’s bed. Replenish as needed.
  3. Apply 1-2 drops to the soles of your child’s (1-year-old and over) feet at bedtime. Repeat every night during the winter months or when additional protection is required.

And if the viruses do make their way through your defences:

Inhale (for adults) ex Sinus Clear
We formulated this blend nearly 30 years ago, and it is still a firm favourite today. It’s designed to clear congestion of the upper respiratory tract and instantly ease breathing. In addition, it’s fabulous at clearing your head and sinuses. 

Here are a few tips on how to use this blend:

  1. Apply 1 drop to your fingers and dab onto the tip of your nose (ensure your skin is not irritated already). This will clear your sinuses instantly.
  2. Add 1-2 drops into a ceramic bowl with hot water and hold your head over it for a few minutes. Breathe deeply under a towel to intensify. Repeat as needed.
  3. If you enjoy hiking or climbing in high altitudes, this blend will be your best new mate. A drop onto the tip of your nose every 30 minutes will assist oxygen absorption and help prevent you from suffering altitude sickness. 

Breathe Well
Coughs and congestion can inhibit your daily activity and affect your sleep. Breathe Well is formulated to support mucus expulsion and clear breathing with deep penetrating, healing qualities including antiseptic, expectorant, and antispasmodic properties. It is especially beneficial to the lower respiratory system. 

Here are a few tips on how to use this blend:

  1. Apply 1 drop to each of your 4 fingertips and rub directly onto the soft tissue part between your ribs (known as the intercostal space). Repeat on the other side. This will give you relief within minutes of the application. Make sure you wrap up warm afterwards so that the essential oils can penetrate your skin.
  2. Apply 3-5 drops onto the soles of your feet before bedtime. It will get to work throughout your body while you sleep.
  3. Add 5-10 drops to a diffuser and stay near it, breathing deeply. Or, add 3-5 drops to a handkerchief or tissue and inhale it as often as you need to.

Baby Breathe (for children)
This carefully crafted blend is specially designed to support babies, toddlers, and children when colds and coughs are rife. It is formulated using pure and gentle organic essential oils, delivering decongestant, expectorant, antiseptic, anti-viral, and antispasmodic properties.

A few tips for this blend:

  1. Apply 1 drop to the collar of your baby’s clothing. Repeat 3-4 times per day/night.
  2. Add 5 drops to a diffuser and place it near your child’s bed. Replenish every couple of hours.
  3. Add  2-3 drops to a tsp of Chest Care Cream, mix, and rub onto your child’s chest to ease congested breathing and other symptoms of discomfort.

There you go. Winter is probably going to be scared of you now. If you’re interested in blending your own formulations to combat winter’s ailments, check out our recipes right here. Otherwise, we’ve done all the work for you already.