What if you could make your own beautiful, healthful body products, with complete peace of mind about the ingredients?

The term ‘personal care’ has been bandied about in the toiletries industry for a long time, but evidence is growing to suggest that we have in fact been buying into something more like a culture of personal neglect.

Take the alarming correlation between breast cancer and the way we apply our deodorant products (is it just coincidence that certain substances therein are also present in cancer?)

To take back control of your personal well-being

We need to be clear about the current status quo in industrial manufacture and find a completely new course of action. With the existing legislation on product safety, it is not enough to be reading labels to try and avoid known toxins, because as proven harmful substances are being phased out, other lesser known, lesser tested ingredients are taking their place.

Thankfully, there is an upside to all this that comes from looking around at the alternatives: it is absolutely within your power already to create a radical new culture of conscious self-nurture.

You can shop around and buy pure organic body products from good natural health stores

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If you don’t know where to start there are some established, well-researched web sites that have recommendations on existing natural products, as well as misleading products to avoid. Anyone already invested in eco-shopping will know that green-conscious friends also provide a network of invaluable, regularly updated information on many great natural products…

What are the top five natural products on your shopping list?

If you can appreciate the value of buying organic, you may be interested to learn that potentially even more beneficial is the practice of making your own blends from quality raw materials.

Though counter to our very ingrained convenience culture (that same culture that has us blindly buying into products based on criteria so far removed from our basic health requirements), it is a genuinely simple process with significant advantages for natural wellbeing.

Take your daily dash of deodorant as the perfect place to start.

Here is a window of opportunity to actively support natural vitality and enhance your sense of life.  100% pure essential oils can give us beautiful natural fragrance and anti-bacterial and cleansing properties, so your basic odour issues are easily covered.

But much more than this, these are oils that are also used professionally, for emotional and energetic therapy.

When you include them in a pure, healthful base blend, you are creating a dynamic tonic that is uplifting and purifying on all levels.

What this means is that you can actively support healthy body function and enhance your energy, instead of simply eliminating sweaty smells or even undermining your natural balance with toxic substances. And since deodorizing is already an established routine, once you make the switch it will be easier than remembering your vitamins.

The hardest part of changing old habits is that first step.

Equip yourself with some exceptional basics and you will never look back:

Organic Essential Oils
Petitgrain Bigarade

lemons absolute essential

Organic Plant Carrier
Jojoba or Aloe Vera Gel

The blending ratio is 1 drop of each essential oil to 1ml of carrier, and you can purchase a 10ml blending bottle or 100ml jar to make up batches at a time.

These are all beautiful healthful ingredients that have a range of further therapeutic uses, from hair and skin care to dieting and stress management… investigate what else you can use them for with just a quick click on the product names above.

When we started the Absolute Essential holistic healthcare clinic back in the 80s, aromatherapy products had very vague standards and there was little understanding of the correlation between therapeutic value and organic purity. We had to source for ourselves to ensure that we were getting only pure, medicinal-grade materials.

We recommend you buy from a reputable natural health store. The point is that you want to be completely sure that you have only pure, medicinal-grade organic ingredients (click here for buying tips) in our FAQ ‘What is the difference between Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Plant Oils?’.