Having sex once a week or more is good for your health

Granted, this is not groundbreaking news. But as winter looms large it certainly doesn't harm to revisit some information and add a little lift to the prospect of months of cold, indoor weather.

Did you know, for example, that frequent sex boosts natural levels of a specific antibody to help us fight off infections? (Now, doesn't that sound more enticing than the local pharmacy and reams of snotty toilet paper?)

Or, that the hormones generated by an active sex life can improve hair luster, skin vitality and nail strength, and can help to regulate menstruation, reduce pain and promote good sleep, as well as increase self-esteem and general motivation?

Not to mention the link to increased blood flow to the brain for better memory and mental capacity. The lowering risk of heart disease. And a generally stronger constitution for coping with stress. (Think about all those neurotic maiden aunts.)

Of course, we really didn't need a bunch of studies to tell us we feel a greater sense of natural vitality and health when we are getting some. But. One interesting and probably crucial observation that I stumbled upon was that the benefits were less than evident when people were having sex that they did not enjoy.

Perhaps we can surmise then that it all comes down to the power of 'lurve' - meaning any place between lust and love, with (I'd like to believe) true love offering the most enduring of natural health recipes.

Or possibly of course it could just be a question of regular orgasm. Which is certainly linked to feeling loving and bonded in a relationship.

More likely there is a complex interplay of physiological, psychological and emotional factors that can either add or detract from the overall experience.

Which is why pure organic essential oil blends make such fantastic bedtime companions… They are professional holistic healthcare products that can be used to promote physical relaxation, healthy emotional flow and mental peace and quiet. And with the right combination of luxury and aphrodisiac oils, we can create a beautifully sensual encounter with deeply therapeutic value for enhanced erotic pleasure.

Forget the Lemsip, indulge yourself with something that will feel as good as it sounds… Sensual Massage Balm Lovers Delight Oil. And Absolute Romance or  Absolute Passion essential oil pure blends. Or invest in a few of the ancient aphrodisiac aromas such as Sandalwood oilYlang Ylangand Jasmine essential oil.

If nothing else, they will certainly help to warm things up on those long winter nights.