Doing battle with our brains is part and parcel of the human condition. And now more than ever, in an age where screentime is playing havoc with our ability to focus, extra support is welcome (if not essential) when it comes to exam time.

Pure essential plant oils brilliant study aids

GOOD news for students - pure essential plant oils make for brilliant study aids. Selected carefully and used correctly, essential oils can be used to help clear the mind, wake up the senses, increase focus and calm the nerves for more effective concentration. Also (magically!) the same way that an evocative scent can bring up memories from the past, a familiar ‘study aroma’ can help a student recall information in exams or presentations (just a clever little tip from the experts at Absolute Essential to you).

Three more suggestions, if you are hoping for a balanced, agile mind or to improve memory and concentration, is to leverage the benefits of the following potent Absolute Essential 'mind blends'.

 confidence-essential-oil-blendbrain power essential oilvitality essential oil


Clarity & Confidence (organic) has a peaceful aroma with light, inspirational tones designed to help clear the mind, encourage inner quiet and allow natural access to calm, intuitive responses.

Brain Power (organic) is an effective formula with clear, energising notes that supports healthy memory process and concentration. Developed specifically to assist you in performing at your peak for study and presentations.

Revitalize (organic) is an especially refreshing, vitalising synergy created for those who want to develop natural stamina and alertness. Recommended in the place of caffeine and other stimulants that ultimately undermine wellbeing.

Specially formulated using only the finest, pure and organic ingredients, these three all-natural pure blends can be diffused to permeate your living/study space (5-10 drops, allow 10 minutes, replenish as required); dabbed on your collar or pulse points; added to a bath, or dropped on a cloth and rubbed over the body post shower. And if you have a good base oil, you can also add a few drops to create a therapeutic massage blend (because obvioulsy, after an intense session of revising or cramming, a massage is probably just what you need!).

Best of luck for any upcoming study, and here's hoping you come out on top!

NB: At Absolute Essential, we ONLY use pure, certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality essential oil with maximum purity and restorative value.

- Dr Bo Hendgen