Baby pacific asleep - absolute essential

Sleep is as essential as food and water for your health and survival. It’s such a basic human function and yet far too many of us struggle to get the right amount and quality of sleep on a regular basis. This is because the way we live our lives today is under constant demands and often under far too much stress.

Why does sleep matter?

Your immunity. Sleep and your immune system are tied together. If you go for too long without proper sleep, your immune system suffers and it's hard for you to fight off even a small cold. A compromised immune system can lead to more serious health conditions.
Your brain: You need sleep to think well. Without enough sleep, your mental performance drops, your brain struggles, you can forget things and have problems with even the simplest mental tasks (like remembering what you needed to do today).
Your weight: Even if you eat right and exercise, a lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain.
Other researched impacts include: Loss of libido, increased risk of accidents, accelerated aging, damaged relationships and poor work performance. All things we can start to avoid with a good sleep habit.

What can you do?

Being aware that you have a problem is a great first step. The good news is that it is that natural, non-toxic solutions that can be the biggest help. There are a few simple things you can try, and it is usually a combination of these natural approaches that works best. As you try them out you can work out what the right combination is for you.

Stick to a routine: Remember how easy sleep was when you were a kid? Take a leaf out of your childhood book and get a regular bedtime: The human body loves routine, so having a consistent bedtime with the same routine before bed is very helpful. It helps if you get up at the same time each day as well. It’s a form of natural programming that really works.
Leave technology out of the bedroom: Millions of people go to bed with their tablet, computer or even phone in hand. Research has demonstrated that looking at screens at night can activate the brain instead of calm it, and disrupt your bodies natural melatonin release. Get an alarm clock and put the phone in flight mode.
Listen to something soothing: Quiet music is soothing and can often help people fall asleep. Some people like soft talking. Try it and see what works for you.
Take magnesium: Stress drains the body of magnesium and taking a good supplement can improve supplies and help promote rest and relaxation while improving quality of sleep and concentration.
Try stretching: If yoga is not for you a good stretch can still help. Simple stretches like arm and neck rolls can help you unwind before bed. Many easy stretches can be done right on your bed.
Take a warm bath: There is something oh so relaxing about a warm bath. Even more relaxing is a warm bath with calm or sleep essential oils in a softly lit room.

Combining any or all of the above with the use of medicinal quality sleep essential oils can be a highly effective way to encourage a sound sleep. There are a number that can help. The key to is to be sure that you are choosing only high-quality oils and that you administer them properly. Here are a few suggestions from our wonderful range:

Lavender True (organic)
The concentrated essence of the familiar soothing Lavender has powerful therapeutic benefits to aid calm and relaxation. Safe and soft for families but with real power to help release the tensions of anxiety and stress.

Chamomile Roman (organic)
Another classic herbal remedy worth knowing in its purest, most concentrate form. It is soothing on the nerves and has calming, soporific qualities. Also available in a 3% blend for babies and small children.

Deep Sleep (organic)
A blend of all the best relaxing, sedative pure essential oils with inbuilt respiratory support in a powerful natural synergy, plus of course a wonderfully comforting aroma. For anyone wanting to promote a really good night's sleep. Includes Chamomile Roman, Marjoram French, Orange Sweet & Lavender True.

Sleep Easy (organic)
This is the child version of Dream Time. Made with the gentlest plant strains most suited to infant sensibilities. Children find the softly sweet aroma deeply reassuring and the relaxing synergy helps them to drift off to sleep more easily. It also includes support for good deep breathing which can really make a difference to snuffly, unsettled children.

Use for single oils and blends: diffuse 5-10 drops in the bedroom; add 5 drops to the bath; 3 drops on the pillow; 5 drops to 5ml of body lotion or carrier oil for chest/body rub.