Who hasn't heard the horror stories about routine flu vaccinations provoking extreme and even fatal illness? If you haven't, a quick 5 minutes on Google will soon bring you up to date.

On the other hand, who isn't scared by the media frenzy that broadcasts the endemic or even pandemic effects of our increasingly evolved and resistant flu viruses?

Well, take a deep breath.

And let it out slowly.

Because there is a fundamental something you might miss if your brain is still looping out on the hype… vaccination arguments aside… it is a scientific fact that fear can cause sickness, and that sustainable health and wellbeing rests in balance and calm.

The truth is, there is much we can do to protect ourselves against any kind of disease, viral or otherwise, simply by developing a deeper understanding of our integral mind/body balance and innate healthy process.

There is a general wisdom shared by many sensible people in the natural health community that sickness is not something to be avoided. But rather something to be embraced as an integral part of our reality that can teach us and make us stronger in body, mind and spirit.

In ancient chakra healing, it is specifically respiratory illness that is connected to blocked heart energy. The heart… that affects our ability to love ourselves and others, to give and to receive love.

Is that significant?

In our modern times, so dominated by the intellect and so plagued by conflict, fear and isolation?

Really, though, just how much of the 'poor me' do we feel when we are struck down with the flu?

Can we embrace that? Recognize it? Go to the roots and invite the process of awareness needed for energetic shift that can transform the illness into medicine that we cry out for on a soul level?

Food for thought, no?

Essential oils for holistic health

At the very least we can open our minds to the possibility that the key to our holistic wellbeing is held in our own hands. And we can use powerful natural health products, such as 100% pure essential oils that promote a healthy dynamic on a physical, energetic and emotional level, to support healthy organic process, specifically in the respiratory and immune systems.

Medicinal quality, wild or certified organic essential oils such as Eucalyptus oil, Lavender SpikeRavensar oil and Lemon essential oil which have a host of therapeutic benefits including powerful antiseptic and decongestant properties.

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