Most of us already know that regular screen breaks and shifts in focus are important for our general health and wellbeing. But the sad truth is that many computer users abuse their eyes on a daily basis. Probably it simply does not seem fully practical as we try to manage stress of work-pressures and deadlines, but with just a little effort to change a few ingrained habits, you may well find you have greater staying power and a better capacity for concentration.


However, few things so quickly undermine our natural health and balance as much unhappy eyes can. In the workplace, productivity and quality can be seriously affected where eyestrain is an issue. And since so much of our lives are based on visual stimulus, our general sense of moral and life satisfaction can also be affected.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

This is the term used by doctors to address the range of eye problems that have arisen in this age of individual and hand-held computers.

The main indicators that you are doing damage to your eyes through monitor use are:

  • Blurred vision
  • Dry and irritated eyes
  • Headaches, and neck and back pain

But how many of us have complained of having any of these discomforts and carried on working just the same?

It isn't all rocket science either.

Our eyes are made for looking mostly at things from a greater distance than a computer screen. They get tired from the effort of keeping a tighter focus over a prolonged period of time. And you might not have noticed but when you discover that we tend to blink less when we are concentrating on a computer vision, it is easy to understand why our eyes quickly start to feel more dry and irritated. (Add to that air-conditioning and it can only get worse).

But the problems don't stop at physical mechanics

man working on a computer

Did you know that the brain has to work harder to process what the eye sees on the screen?

Outlines are made not of clear unbroken lines but of dots and gaps and the mind must fill in the gaps to complete the picture. There is then a connection between eye-strain and brain-strain. Screen overuse can diminish our chances for healthy concentration.

The long and the short of it is that we leapt into the computer age with our eyes wide open but in the wrong sense. Today, with the hindsight of experience, we have already mostly all evolved to largely 'non-flicker' LCD screens, with a growing awareness around the importance of good computer and desk settings.

But perhaps the most important measures we can take are the most obvious and straight forward

In a fact sheet published by The American Optometric Association (promoted also by The New Zealand Association of Optometrists) the simplest instructions were to get your eyes tested regularly and to:

  • Rest the eyes
  • Blink forcefully
  • Instill artificial tears

However, artificial tears sound plausible enough but here's the rub (so to speak)

Really it is a very bad idea to put any artificial substance into the eye. Especially when the eye is already irritated and inflamed.

There are a few natural health care remedies that might be acceptable for the job

But the main issue will always be the need for absolute purity.

Sterile pharmaceuticals might be pure in terms of hygiene, but you can only expect the purity of a certified organic, 100% natural solution to contain anything like the therapeutic value of a genuine tear drop.

Which is why Eye Soothe (organic) is the only dry-eye remedy that we would ever recommend.

eye sooth

It is a holistic healthcare solution created from a blend of pure water distillates, containing the water soluble compounds of the best known baby-safe healers Chamomile, Rose and Lavender.

The process of distillation takes the water and soluble elements past boiling point to produce a naturally sterile solution. And the medicinal plants we use are produced through strict organic practice to be harvested in the very best of health, with all conditions nurtured for optimum natural vitality.

Use this as a tear alternative and you have a cleansing water that is so gentle and effective that seasoned midwives use it for dealing with 'sticky-eye' infections' in newborn babies (a problem that is as common as it is delicate).

Just spray into the eye or apply to cotton wool and rest on the eyes for 10 minutes.

Computers are a necessary part of life for most of us

But let's not push away the nagging at our consciousness as we plug away on the key-board….

Get up from time to time and look out the window to take in the skyline. Counter the tedium of artificial visuals with lots of real-time walks in nature where the colors and inspirational contours will do much to restore the natural comfort and equilibrium of beautiful, bright eyes.

Absolute Essential is an eco-ethical company with over 20 years of expertise in specialist natural healthcare.