Following our recent pledge to send aid to the traditional communities that we work with in rural Nepal, we are now able to bring you our first report of successful deliveries to remote villages in need.


Here follows the letter I recently received from Rameshwar Rijal, my trusted Nepalese guide and assistant and much loved friend, describing the journey which he undertook on our behalf (you will see, the letter has been edited slightly to make the English a little clearer, otherwise it is Rameshwar’s own voice):

Letter from our correspondent in Nepal

“After I managed [by] truck to go my village, we loaded all aid in truck. I was got up about three am because I want start early to reach village."


"After finishing loading, we heading to our village, leaving Katmandu from different way as driver suggested. I was glad to leave crazy Kathmandu and go to village with aids but I wanted you there [too], to distribute aid which you supported.

I was on top of fully loaded truck with boys with different talk. After one hour drive, we [went] off-road where I need to hold very tightly in truck, standing on back. After four hour drive we reached Trishuli, where we [Rameshwar and Bo Hendgen] had lunch going to trek Langtang [2 years ago].

After lunch more challenge begin with us in road. I had to clean path because the road is blocked with collapsed building material. It was little bit scary one place - the road is so bad, my hand lifted [let go]. My heart beat very fast, the other friends shouting in fright."


“Everything ok but the road is very dangerous, [more] than my expectation.

Some[times we] need to push truck and fix road, and we had to clear the path.

I [was] more aware [but] then again it does happen - I almost fall off. We reached Lapang after three hour drive where we had to got off to go village. I think you remember this [also from our trek]. Then we continued, drive passed the big landslide, very scary. We recheck Ki Tang Phedi where we met Manoj [referring to our contact on that past trek], the road is getting more worse. We had to push and clear the path more than four places."


“Finally, we reached in village. People are waiting our arrival. We off loaded material and because it was late and weather were challenging we only able to distribute clothes and distributed foods next morning. After tea we went in school, which is the only building standing in my village and packed all the thing into portions for 50 families. We [had] heard from other villages people are also coming, so we purchased more sufficient material and managed packing all which was good. We managed to support 90 families with food."


“After their arrivals, spoke them where the short come from [where the need was], then distributed. I feel pleased and relief when distributing for the older and children.

After this I personally interact with them they said it would be great if you can help us for proper roof before winter, as all houses are collapsed.

[To learn about this need] “For temporary house it was nice to interact [with] them. After this we had lunch about one o'clock and had rest.

I am glad I am alive and could deliver aids to villagers."


“Though the journey was really tough, I feel happy, happy and pleased I went village.

I would like to thank you so much for you and your company who supported for this programs.”

Absolute commitment to Nepal going forward

We see this success as the first of many necessary efforts. Relatively small, but definitely impactful – much easier to appreciate just how so by being close to our source and hearing directly how and where our aid arrives.

We will continue to operate with $1000 dollar installments to make the whole process more targeted and manageable. It is also safer to send funds in installments.

I am planning to visit Nepal in July and August (at personal expense) to see first-hand what is most needed – with a particular interest in seeing what projects can be supported for longer-term recovery (such as the village roof, mentioned above).

To all of those who have dug deep to add their donations, please know that you make a huge difference to whole families that would otherwise be waiting months to even be on the radar of international aid. We will continue to keep you updated and give you a real sense of our collective achievements in Nepal.

We are of course still accepting donations to:

Bank account: 12-3489-0000172-00

Particulars: Nepal

Reference: your name & email (optional, for direct updates)


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