Remember how you used to feel about Christmas when you were little? It was so easy to tap into the joy and wonder of the season. The traditions, the spirit, the warmth and excitement of being surrounded by family and loved ones, the giving, the receiving, all those magical sights, sounds and smells…

Regrettably it doesn’t tend to work that way in adulthood. Although Christmas brings many delightful things, the stresses and strains of daily life don’t just disappear because it’s December - if anything they’re compounded by all the activity, expectation and pressure that builds up this time of year.

So imagine for a second, if you could transport yourself back to a time less complicated. Where anything ‘inessential’ is stripped away, and you’re left with just the joy - pure and simple. Regardless of your beliefs, this is what I think Christmas should be about. And it’s what I was hoping to achieve when I created my pure blend, Festive Spirit.

Festive Spirit is an evocative combination of 100% pure, natural essential oils that come together in one fabulous, fragrant, festive synergy. The aroma is unique, yet resonates deeply, awakening the creative spirit and bringing back the treasured smells, emotions and memories of Christmases past.

It’s just what you need leading up to Christmas, as it helps set the mood for celebration and encourages a generous sense of sharing. Also on the day itself, those rich, warm pine tones will help heighten the festive experience, creating an atmosphere of intimacy, easing tension and paving the way for positive, heartfelt, joyful interaction. Let’s take a quick look at the key components in Christmas Season - each designed to fulfil a purpose.

Frankincense (wild): Used for thousands of years in worship and rituals as a mediator between the material and spiritual worlds, this spicy, balsamic fragrance was said to lift the prayers and desires to the gods. It’s an integral part of the Christmas story, being one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the three wise men - and its comforting, inspiring qualities are excellent for promoting peace, relaxation and wellness, while uplifting the mood and spirit.

Myrrh (wild): This is another scent that is deeply entwined with the Christmas story, and has been used since ancient times in incense, perfumes and holy ointments. It has a warming, musky aroma with relaxing, balancing qualities. Just the thing during times of stress, as it supports calm and composure while having a general tonic effect on body, mind and soul.

Pine Scotch (organic) & Fir Balsam (organic): Pine is a scent that instantly conjures up Christmas, as some of our most treasured memories revolve around the tree (decorating it, placing our carefully-wrapped presents under it, sitting around it to share those presents on the day). Along with this wonderful association, these pine-scented oils also have a cleansing and clearing effect, with fresh, energising and fortifying properties to support an optimistic atmosphere, a happy mindset and balanced emotions.

Cinnamon (organic): Highly evocative of Christmas, and tied in with the tradition of baking and all those trays of warm, spicy, delicious gingerbread, Cinnamon is also reported to have a number of curative qualities, including helping with healthy digestion and fortifying immune processes.

Orange Sweet (organic): Back in the day, Christmas stockings were traditionally filled with likes of sweets, nuts, and fresh oranges, all of which were considered to be real treats at the time. In our Christmas Season blend, Orange Sweet adds a cleansing touch of citrus and a fresh, cheerful top note.

Importantly, when essential oils are inhaled they enter the body directly and work immediately on the brain, without filter. The results are powerful, and instant. So it’s really important to ensure that any essential oils you use are 100% pure, unadulterated, organic, and safe for the entire family. Like ours.

We hope that you have the merriest of Christmases - and a very happy, healthy, aromatic new year! Here's a little something to put you in an extra-festive mood!

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