Social distancing and isolation? We prefer the term physical distancing. We’re still working, socialising, exercising, albeit within a more confined space than usual. Our own personal, peaceful bubble. 

There’s never been a better time to focus on your health and wellness. As both are part of our everyday philosophy here at Absolute Essential, we wanted to share some health tips and messages to help you be strong and kind to yourself during Covid-19

Let’s consciously make the most of this time we have now so that we can emerge physically and mentally fit for the future. 

Keeping a Healthy Mind 

Isolation doesn't mean we have to cut off all communication. With the luxury of technology and social media, we can indulge in various platforms to communicate with our work colleagues, friends and family. Whatever your preferred way of staying connected, don’t miss catching up with your friends and family for a cup of tea or coffee through video chat apps like Messenger or Skype.

Be generous. What could you do for others during this time? Giving helps you feel valued and connected. It might be the knowledge and skills you could share, or simply texting a compliment, a recipe, or a health tip. 

Find ways to enjoy some space - relaxation and deep breathing are always helpful during stressful times. Just 60 seconds of conscious breathing a day can help calm and soothe your nerves. 

Watch your media intake. With media platforms all around us and so much going on, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by news updates. Try to limit this, and minimize your intake to a credible source. 

Stay positive and optimistic over this time. We encourage you to prioritize your body and mind. Do what makes you feel good, it really is that simple. Some of our personal favourites include: 

● Enjoy a cup of tea and a good book 

● Take a warm bath 

● Catch a little sunshine 

● Walk around the block 

● Bake something tasty 

● Meditate

These are all things that will bring a positive outlook to your isolation bubble. 

Healthy Body 

Keep moving. Exercise helps release feel-good endorphins that chase stress and tension from our bodies. You may not have gym equipment at your fingertips but there are lots of ways you can get creative. Walking or running the stairs is a great way to get your heart pumping. 

Don't forget, you can still go outside for a walk or run in your neighbourhood, as long as you stay in your ‘bubble’. 

Our immune systems are important, and the cooler weather is coming. With the change of seasons, make a conscious effort to stay hydrated, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and include plenty of herbs and spices to boost immunity. 

Cleanliness. Both clean homes and clean hands will help to prevent the spread of any germs or viruses. Natural antibacterial products are great for the environment as well as ensuring healthy bodies. 

Sticking to a Healthy Routine 

Studies show we cope a lot better with stress when we have a structured routine. For most of us, what is currently happening is far from our ordinary routine. Time to create a new one! 

It really helps to allocate time to these activities and to note it down somewhere so you stick to it. Some ideas could be: 

● Daily: 30min stretch/yoga via Youtube 

● Daily: 10min meditation with Waking up App 

● Daily: Reading a book in bed 

● Weekly: Supermarket shop for essentials 

● Weekly: Household clean 

Helpful Apps & Sites 



  1. Meditation & Sleep App - Waking Up App 

  2. Exercise App - Les Mills on Demand 

  3. Yoga-inspired work out - Asana Rebel

  4. Routine Maker app - HabitMinder   

  5. Build good habits Organise your life - Productive App


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  2. Mental Health Foundation: Looking after your mental health during COVID-19 


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