Here we are, almost at the end of 2019. Isn’t it extraordinary how the time whizzes by! And this year has been one
‘out of the box’ for Absolute Essential, as we stop to take a deep breath, and reflect on three incredible decades of
being in business.

30 years is a milestone, and certainly something worth celebrating. So what better way to acknowledge the past, and embrace (with excitement) what lies ahead, than with an effervescent NEW product line, called Celebrate. It gives me pleasure to introduce Celebrate Pure Blend (Organic) 10ml, and Celebrate Spritzer (Organic) 100ml. Two new, pure and organic, therapeutic-grade formulations we know you’re going to love...


The inspiration behind these products came from the sparkling array of 30th anniversary celebrations we had this year, with staff, aromatherapy suppliers, our global family and friends, as well as the gratitude I’ve felt (every day) for the support of our customers. My intention has been to honour this mood by creating a scent that is the aromatic equivalent of champagne.

A fresh, uplifting aroma that ‘pops’ and invigorates; brings joy and evokes happy memories; that generates a welcoming sense of togetherness and occasion, with an air of extravagance, mystery and anticipation. A party in a bottle, you could say!

To help me weave the story (and share the joy) I have selected the following key essential oils as part of the blend:

Frankincense and Tonka Bean – these are the absolute stars of the show; precious and beautifully harmonious scents that lift the spirits and calm the mind for clear thinking. They really are extra rare and special oils (certinaly not your everyday), to be savoured and enjoyed.
Clary Sage – supporting healthy energy flow and adding a tantalising sense of euphoria and anticipation.
Lemon and May Chang – fresh, upbeat, lively aromas, bursting with cheer and positivity.
Cedarwood Atlas – a warm, grounding base note that allows the aroma to linger.

As you may know, scent is one of the most powerful ways to stir memory and influence the emotions*, and this particular combination is pure, unadulterated magic! Also, with end of year festivities coming up, and with extra special launch savings on offer, what better time to put Celebrate to the test.

For one week only (until Sunday 10th November 2019), you can save 25% on Celebrate Pure Blend (Organic) and Celebrate Spritzer (Organic). Order online, and enter YAY25 into the 'Discount Code' field at checkout.**

The Pure Blend is ideal for diffusion; you can use it before and during social gatherings to add an air of excitement and enhance the living or work space with positive, welcoming, uplifting tones. It can also be used as a perfume on pulse points (smudge a few drops on wrists and back of neck) to help re-balance, restore and clarify, and to invoke a social, lively mood. Likewise, the Spritzer can be used to help refresh, enliven and invigorate any room (a few quick bursts is all it takes to create a sense of occasion, a feeling of togetherness), or use as a natural body spray before stepping out to socialise.

When we share experiences, stories and emotions - moments and milestones we value - it fills us up and connects us, and there’s a wondrous solidarity and sense of belonging that results. So go forth… and Celebrate!

- Dr Bo Hendgen

Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value.

*The Role of Odor-Evoked Memory in Psychological and Physiological Health:
**25% launch offer valid until midnight 10 Nov 2019. Open to consumers only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.