Did you hear the one about the naked toddler that fell into the cactus garden?

Or the 7-year-old wobbling out proudly on her bicycle, into a huge patch of stinging nettles?

Or the little girl who peeled off the top layer of skin on her chest with daddy’s hot coffee?

No punch-line here obviously, these are simply a few of a long list of accidents that I know of first hand that fall into the category of ‘terrible unforeseen events that parents have to deal with, like it or not’.

Certainly, if you went into the casualty department of any hospital, the caliber of such stories would be much worse. But what we have to deal with ourselves at home is plenty as it is.

And here’s a thing, I have seen over-protective parents raise their children fearfully, hoping to avoid even minor incidents, and I have seen very casual parents, almost to the point of negligence, let their children learn for themselves… and while the later tend to have a life that is catalogued by mini-disasters and incidents, it is the over-protected kids who are generally more sickly and less-balanced in the end.

Probably, we all do the best we can, depending on individual circumstance. But since accident and incident pretty much come with the territory, it can make a big difference to family life in general if we feel supported with a little knowledge and effective first-aid measures and tools.

This is one area of healthcare where household remedies have a particularly useful role to play in everyday life

Where, for example, in your chemist-bought first-aid kit do you find out that olive oil smoothed on the skin will help to loosen and disarm the almost invisible, embedded cactus barbs? Or that a paste of bicarbonate of soda will painlessly draw out a splinter? Do you have any tried and tested first aid remedies that you can share?

I have always thought it would be a good idea to compile a home-wise primary aid book compiled from real parenting experiences. But I can see that it wouldn’t help so much for the instant responses that make the difference between serious incident and averted crisis. The reality is we often have to think on our feet.

Because the first person on the scene often has the most power to do something effective. If we act quickly the victim might not need the same level of medical intervention that is prescribed an hour later at the casualty department.

For much of the common stuff, many of the best home remedies are based in herbal lore (and of course much of the chemist’s offerings are drugs (which many of us would rather only take when absolutely necessary).

With pure essential oils we can tap into that ancient knowledge and learn how to deal with most everyday occurrences with confidence - and a minimum of drama.

One woman who I converted to therapeutic essential oils says: “I almost never go to the doctor. I almost never use anything like Paracetamol. I never use antibiotic cream. My main staples are Tea Tree oil and Lavender True oil. Lovely Lavender alone has helped us through many a would-be crisis. It is calming for any upsetting event. My children come to me and ask for them. The whole process of using the oils makes them feel cared for and nurtured.”

We can match pure essential oils with greater or lesser potency to the needs of each given situation. It is easy to build a basic knowledge of the best essential oils for common childhood issues.

Here is a chart to give you an idea of how pure essential oils can be used for everyday primary care


Toddlers/ Babies



Lavender True
Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender Sweet
Lavandula hybrida super

Myriad properties. Direct on burns, cuts scrapes, rashes… in carrier oil for relaxation rub. In compress to ankles for fever management. Diffuse for calm.

Tea Tree
Melaleuca alternifolia

Leptospermum scoparium

Cleansing & fortifying. In water for antiseptic wash. On skin for fungi and bites. In chest rub for immunity. Diffuse for air-borne germs and immune boost. In carrier for repellent.

Eucalyptus Australiana
Eucalyptus radiata

Eucalyptus Smithii

Eucalyptus smithii

Respiratory aid, natural expectorant decongestant & antibacterial. On cloth for inhalation or by steam. Add to carrier for chest rub, also blend with above.

Chamomile German
Chamomilla matricaria

Chamomile Roman
Anthemis nobilis

Calming on skin and nerves. For rashes, pox. Sleep. With Lavender for fever. To tummy for aches & cramps, neck & temples for headaches & stress.


Mentha piperita

Mentha spicata

Great for sprains & strains when the skin is not broken. Very cooling and relieving on pain and tension. Also good for headaches - dab to temples (avoid eyes). Add to carrier and rub to belly for indigestion.

The most versatile carrier oil that I would recommend for blending is Sweet Almond oil. You can also use Aloe Vera Gel and even your kitchen stock of virgin Olive oil at a push. Certified organic and/or 100% pure is always preferable.

All Absolute Essential oils are pure at medicinal grade, and come with clear easy guidelines and directions for use that are supported by over 20 years of specialist natural family healthcare.

A large range of Therapeutic Plant Oils are available at and at select retail outlets. Absolute Essential is an eco-ethical company with over 20 year’s expertise in Holistic Healthcare.