Does lemon detox work for fast-track dieting?

Have you picked up on the latest interest in lemon detox for fast-track dieting? Last week I talked about detoxification. And there is, of course, a lot of interest in this because we are increasingly aware of how toxins are absorbed and how they accumulate in our bodies.

It only takes one good detox program to give a person a genuine appreciation of how different it can feel to be cleansed inside and out.

Perhaps, for this reason, they are increasingly prescribed as the kick start to weight loss regimes. But there is also the fine line between healthy and obsessive when it comes to weight loss and the purging, fasting nature of any prolonged detox.

I am prompted to bring this up because yet another patient has come my way in connection to a badly conceived lemon detoxification. A not so healthy fad that leaves the body stripped of essential nutrients and in a state of crisis.

Who doesn't want a natural recipe that is both good for you and helps you to lose excess pounds?

But anyone tempted by a high profile product with that formulaic spin of fantastic gains through natural health ingredients should be very careful before jumping straight in. In the area of self-improvement, we are very susceptible to what we want to hear.

What I strongly suggest is a more integrated approach that includes sufficient nutrition and genuine balance

Here is a lemon cleansing diet/health kick tried and tested by myself that not only supports the body's natural elimination processes but that also supplies essential nutrients and balanced calories for a healthy body shift.

Detox and weight loss are two different things.  However, conscious healthy eating will create less need for both and can effectively bring the body into authentic sustainable balance.

So we have prepared a plan that you can do each day, to cleanse the body and prepare the way for a healthier, more balanced diet.

10 day plan to cleanse the body and prepare for a more balanced diet

  • On waking, drink two large glasses of pure water.
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise - brisk walk, light jog, yoga, gym, whatever.
  • Drink 1 glass of water with the fresh juice of one to two lemons, plus one teaspoon of maple syrup (100% pure, no sugar).
  • At 10am eat a bowl of fresh fruit with some natural yoghurt, plus the juice of one fresh squeezed lemon and one tablespoon of ground nuts with flaxseed (LSA).
  • At lunch time prepare 1 bowl of fresh veggie salad with one tablespoon of virgin avocado oil and the fresh squeezed juice of one lemon, a little Tamari and vinegar to flavor. For light carbs add a 1/2 cup of cooked organic brown rice. For protein, add some haloumi or goats cheese.
  • Continue with fruit in the afternoon as a snack.
  • Repeat lunch for dinner prior to 6pm and at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • If you can after dinner go for a brisk walk - 30min - finish up with some Yoga or Pilates stretches.
  • During the day drink at least 10-12 glasses of water additionally to flush liver from toxins which the lemon juice will release...

While you are dedicated to the plan, you can use 100% pure essential oils to support you in a variety of ways

For example, organic Bergamot is a great ally in any time of challenge and has an aroma that connects directly to the internal machinations of appetite control. Being an absolutely pure organic plant essence, it will not detract in any way from the purification process that you are working through. You can rub a drop on your wrists and neck (be sure to avoid the sun after though, due to phototoxicity) as a perfume, or diffuse it into your living space. Apart from being a gentle, cleansing scent it has a calming influence that is beneficial both on a physical and emotional level, great to ease those edgy moments.

Organic Grapefruit and Lemon essential oils can be incorporated as a direct aid to the detox dynamic. An evening footbath with a few drops of Lemon is especially good for healthy circulation, and Grapefruit can be applied on a wet cloth and rubbed direct to fatty areas where toxins tend to accumulate - to assist fat cell breakdown and tissue tone.

Absolute Essential has a specialist blend of concentrate essential oils called Life Lift that is worth a mention also. As indicated by the name this is a synergy that affects the body with positive, uplifting aromas to promote fresh energy flow with natural balance. It is a complex blend that is both calming and inspiring. I would diffuse this in my room and office to set the mood for the day.

Have a look too at last week's blog… therapeutic plant oils can support a healthy body dynamic on so many levels

Remember: Pure organic essential oils are the only truly therapeutic ones. Purity is never more important than during a conscious drive to eliminate toxins from the body. This applies also, of course to your fresh fruit and vegetables.