Even if you don’t do regular exercise, chances are you have experienced the sudden pain and inconvenience of a sprain or strain connected to some kind of exertion or awkward movement.

Then of course there are the aches and pains that linger after more serious accidents – like my own recovery from a fractured back which was extremely challenging and painful.

In my own example, there was no escaping the need for strong meds immediately following the accident (knocked down and rolled over by a horse truck with a horse in it), but what I learned then, first hand, was just how much therapeutic plant oils can do to enhance healing and aid pain management. Even I was amazed!

I was able to apply oils to severe bruising that was reduced quickly and significantly. I made myself compresses with high synergies of analgesic, warming and calming properties which helped so much with pain management that I was able to ease off the medication very promptly.

And my own orthopedic specialist was surprised and pleased to see how quickly my scans showed effective mending of bones – which I attribute to the exceptional nourishment of natural oils that feed cell rejuvenation and nutrition deep into body tissues.

Whatever the nature of the injury, therapeutic plant oils are easy to use and are always beneficial to your physical wellbeing.

Essential oils benefits your wellbeing

Following the initial ice and rest period that is generally recommended for muscle, joint and tendon trauma (and it is always wise to seek professional advice if pain persists before you embark on home injury care), you can use therapeutic oils to promote the very same processes that professional massage therapy is designed to support.

The therapeutic grade oils will enhance:

  • circulatory movement
  • muscle relaxation
  • oxygen and nutrient flow
  • natural flush of toxins and waste

Inflammation and pain

Because healing molecules are released with the natural inflammatory response and actually improve recovery time, it is good to use nourishing oils that include organic anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cleansing properties over medication for inflammation.

You can gently ease the pain of swelling and encourage a natural flush while still allowing natural healing to take its course.

Circulation enhancement

Tight or damaged muscles can constrict blood flow and deprive the body of nutrients and energy that are vital for repair.

Pure organic oils complement massage movements designed to draw fluid through the blood and lymph vessels, by stimulating circulation and delivering additional nutrition.


Through deep massage, we can open pores in tissue membranes and improve fluid and nutrient transport.

Highly absorbable, nourishing carrier oils will further feed tissue cells for more effective repair, and naturally cleansing essential oils will support waste removal  – including lactic acid and metabolic waste.


As we warm and stretch tissues to release tension or pressure build up, pure oils nourish body tissues, help breakdown scar tissue and improve elasticity, and essential oils help warm the body, calm nerve action and aid natural relaxation.

Which pure essential oils to choose for injury care

When it comes to making a blend to apply to your injury, there are a lot of great oils out there. Organic Lavender True essential oil is fabulous for promoting relaxation and helping to ease aches and pains – it is also one to promote the reduction of bruising.

Meanwhile, organic Peppermint essential oil is surprisingly useful on sore, tight muscles and can impact significantly on lingering pains. Both are naturally cleansing too.

Below is a list of some other exceptional oils that I use frequently for professional body work. You could make up a blend or recommend them to your massage therapist, or use them also for home injury care.

The ratio for blending essential oils with carrier oils is 1-20 drops to 1ml (5 mls to a teaspoon), and you should always use organic and pure ingredients for therapeutic body work.

Wintergreen essential oil (organic)

Stimulating, anti-inflammatory and powerful analgesic properties that are effective for muscle, tendon and joint problems. Add 5-10 drops to a bath, massage oil or compress.

Lemongrass essential oil (organic)

Uplifting and restorative, this oil has a cleansing and diuretic effect that supports natural flush, and analgesic qualities that help calm nerve pain and spasms. 5-10 drops to massage oil or foot bath.

Castor Oil: unsulphanated (organic)

Hydrating and rich in essential fatty acids for cell health and regeneration. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to assist lymph flow and natural detox. General tonic effect. Up to 5 drops essential oil/s to 1 tsp.

Arnica Oil: infused (organic)

Nourishing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and circulatory benefits for damaged joints, muscles, tendons and areas of bruising. Add 5 drops essential oil/s to 1 tsp. Blend also with Castor Oil.

Body Repair Cream (organic)

Optimum nourishing massage blend enhanced by soothing, healing oils such as Castor, Arnica, Wintergreen and Chamomile. Apply to aching joints, sprains and strains, as required.


Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value. See more at Absolute Essential