Contrary to what your mother might have told you, there are only about 60 days in an entire year when the average woman might be fertile - meaning about 16% of the time, tops.

And of the 60 - 125 million sperm in one normal-sized, healthy ejaculation, only one sperm is expected to complete the journey - the chances of even that happening diminish with the presence of slow, deformed or diseased sperm.

Other issues include women with 'hostile' uteri and hormone irregularities that fail to produce an egg to be fertilised.

Overall, the information can be overwhelming and it might seem that everything is stacked against you before you even start.

When there is no physical reason for infertility, pure therapeutic essential oils can push the odds in your favour

The good news - for people trying to get pregnant - is that those fertile days tend to be the ones when libido is at its highest.

That's nature's way of making sure that nature happens.

Plus there are many miraculous tales of conception that confound medical expectations which supports the idea of stepping beyond conventional science to include a holistic approach.

And since stress and hormone imbalance are the big issues linked to infertility, the pure organic essential oils with proven properties in these areas can definitely help to level the playing field.

How essential oils can improve your chances of getting pregnant

The plant hormones (phytohormones) in the essential oil can talk to our own endocrine system and help to stimulate healthy hormone production, that is, if the essential oil is extracted with great care and the molecules are fine enough.

Other compounds in essential oils integrate with the nervous system and have been shown to help reduce anxiety and improve libido too.

The 'fertility' essential oils are a tonic to body systems and some specifically to ovarian and uterine health.

Pure essential oils for improving natural fertility

Rose Damask (certified organic) Rosa damascena

A prized and wonderful women's tonic. It has direct benefit on hormone balance and gentle aphrodisiac qualities. Very smoothing and restorative.

Melissa True (certified organic) Melissa officinalis

A rare and sought-after oil that is exceptionally beneficial to the nervous system. For feelings of anxiety, disappointment and frustration Melissa offers a gentle, calming energy that promotes natural healthy balance. It also helps to fortify immunity against illness and disease (e.g. Shingles)

Clary Sage (certified organic) Salvia sclarea

Often used where mind and body issues coincide, Clary Sage has phyto-hormones and anti-anxiety properties that combine to make it a powerful tool in promoting balance and health for natural fertility. It is like a hormonal kick-start, euphoric and engaging.

Geranium Rose (certified organic) Pelargonium roseum

Is a light, restorative aroma with deep-reaching benefits. It is beautifully balancing and calming, has properties to help bring hormones into healthy balance, and is excellent for healthy circulation.


How to use pure therapeutic essential oils to boost fertility

Add 6-8d (drops) of pure essential oil or combined oils to a bath, or 5d to 1tsp of body oil and apply to abdomen, lower back and buttocks. Start on the last day of your period and continue daily for three cycles. Stop for 1 month then repeat.

Make your own blend or try 3d Geranium Rose, 1d Rose Damask and 1d Clary Sage in a teaspoon of carrier oil blend of 50ml Avocado, 10 ml EPO, 40ml Argan Oil, all organic.

Because it takes two to tango, you can use 3d Clary Sage and 2d Sandalwood for your man, in the same way, for at least 3 months.

Please note Clary Sage is not suitable when pregnant.


Medicinal-grade Therapeutic Plant Oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value. See more at Absolute Essential .