With the winter season upon us, how can we help keep our loved ones from falling ill to the wintery chills?

The best approach is to focus on keeping your immune system as strong as it can be to fight off any nasties that enter your body. There are a couple of important factors that contribute to a strong and healthy immune system.


A world-renowned Aromatic Medicine expert, and friend, Dr Daniel Penoel has for many years reiterated that your gut is your immune system. Adding lots of colourful fruits and vegetables to your diet will supply your body with useful antioxidants to help fight against viruses and bacteria.


Having fun with herbs and spices in your cooking will also go a long way to supporting your immune system, as well as including fermented foods which will feed the good bacteria in your gut.


Reducing stress levels and toxins while getting plenty of sleep and exercise

will keep your immunity strong.


Destress with yoga, meditation or a warm bath with your favourite essential oils. Take time out with a cup of herbal tea, simple but effective with centuries of research behind it. Reduce your toxic intake by cutting out alcohol, processed or inorganic foods.


Vitamin C is an immune system booster bar none. Zinc helps the immune and digestive systems run properly. Vitamin A, D and K will give you that additional resource to stay stronger. 


A daily dose of diffusing essential oils is another way to help fend off colds and flus. 

Our top cold and flu essential oil picks:


A well selected essential oil home care kit is very effective in fighting bugs. If you feel you are coming down with a cold or flu, a natural remedy like hot water with grated fresh ginger, a squeeze of lemon, a drop of organic Ginger, Manuka Oil & Lemon Essential Oil sweetened with active Manuka honey will serve you well - for adults only. 

Making time to rest allows your body to recharge and fight the virus. If you are feeling sick, be a hero and stay home. You’ll be doing everyone a favour!