If we are serious about maintaining good health, then what we use on our skin is just as important as what we eat. It is, after all, our body’s largest organ and our protective barrier - so it’s crucial to be extra mindful of what we expose it to.

 Everyday skin care products, such as those you find at the supermarket, should generally be avoided as they tend to be laden with toxic substances like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and colour, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and petrochemicals - the list goes on! Many of these synthetics are skin irritants, endocrine disrupters and carcinogenic. And when applied to the skin, they don’t just sit on the surface; they travel through an elaborate absorption process, directly into our bodies. Which is where the trouble begins. So how to minimise harmful exposure to chemicals and avoid toxic overload?

Simple, really. We recommend using only 100% pure, organic skin care products, made with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients for optimum skin and body health.

Moisturising, cleansing, rejuvenating, nourishing, stimulating, soothing and replenishing, Absolute Essential’s premium plant extract products are packed with active molecular compounds that are compatible with the skin’s natural make-up, and easily absorbed and assimilated to serve a host of nutrient and protective needs. To follow are three pristine examples, offering exceptional nourishment and hydration to support natural rejuvenation for all skin types.


Argan Oil Raw (Organic)
Argan Oil, AKA Moroccan Gold, has the highest and most unusual concentration of vitamins and fatty acids found in any single oil. Anti-oxidant, moisture-rich, anti-inflammatory and protective, it boasts a multitude of nurturing, anti-aging properties and is suitable for an all-over application (a true body treat). Put 10-15 drops into the base of your palm, massage into skin morning and night.


Rose 3% in Jojoba (Organic)
A tender, luxurious skin-ready blend that is perfect for mature or sensitive skin, excellent for smoothing wrinkles and promoting a soft, glowing, revitalised visage. Rose Oil is actually a wonderful tonic with antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce puffiness and redness. It improves the skin’s capacity for absorption, thus working in combination with Jojoba to deliver deep nutrition and Omega essentials for greater skin health. Beautifully fragrant, and especially effective dabbed under the eyes to reduce dark circles. 1-2 drops on the tip of your finger, apply to required areas as often as desired.


Rejuvenating Face Serum (Organic) NEW FORMULA
An expertly crafted, newly enhanced blend that delivers intense hydration and nourishment to replenish natural vitality for suppler, younger-looking skin. Incorporating some of nature’s most potent anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids (Omegas 3 and 9), Rejuvenating Face Serum is a skin super-food like no other. Smooth, light and rapidly absorbed, it’s suitable for all skin types and is especially effective on tired, stressed and weather-damaged skin. Put 5-10 drops into the base of your palm (depending on how dry your skin is), apply upon waking to nourish the skin and prepare for makeup, or use after cleansing and toning as an overnight restorative.

Remember, medicinal-grade therapeutic plant oils must be 100% natural and pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with maximum purity and therapeutic value.

- Dr Bo Hendgen