It seems to be that significant challenges abound right now. Is that true for everyone?

It is notable that almost every person I spoke to last week had a dilemma or a crisis that was causing a serious cerebral spin out?

Three separate people agonizing over moving house, one person over changing countries and another about giving up a limiting job with no alternative source of income as yet. And an ongoing quandary about a relationship that has been diminished to a prolific list of pros and cons.


One thing is for sure, when the monkey mind has something seemingly crucial to grab a hold of, it will take a person around and around the roundabout with little hope of respite - much less of resolution.

It might not sound very enlightened but the best advice I could come up with was to simply shut up. Well. OK. Not exactly. But essentially yes - just let it all drop away for a while and see what comes from silence.

Breathe deep and relax. Take a walk. Play with your kids. Let. It. Go.

Because when we are in that place of thinking and thinking and thinking things over, we are liable to forget entirely our true creative connection with natural process. You know… the seed, the growth, the fruit etc.

Life is a series of learning/growth cycles, so when you find yourself trying to navigate in a straight line with little success, here is a mantra that might serve you better than tearing out your hair: this too will pass.

Just spend a few months writing a journal with the phases of the moon marked clearly as you write and see for yourself how the patterns emerge. Right now is a great time to start a Moon Journal as she is closest to the earth than at any other time in the year.

The point being that when we are stuck in a loop it's helpful to remember that it is ultimately just a phase that will shift naturally if we let it.

We can trust that our confusion is not permanent and instead of trying to act on it, just allow it to be confusion. Without attempting to control the agenda.  Awareness of our own process is enough.

Because ultimately, there are deeper reasons why certain types of problems repeatedly preoccupy our minds, and when we watch without prejudice, patterns will emerge… underlying emotions and insecurities reveal themselves for a deeper process of release; and powerful, liberating insights can move life to a whole new phase of clarity, where possibilities abound.

As we tune into natural cycles it becomes clear that process is the fundamental nature of all things. Which is why we at Absolute Essential believe that natural health products should be certified organic or wild wherever possible - for 'intelligent' integration with the natural order of healing and balance that is already in place.

100% pure essential oils offer the advantage of being the highest concentration of a given plants medicinal value - the very essence of what we seek in a healing plant extract. And when it comes to mental process there are specific organic essential oils that have calming qualities, also refreshing and cleansing properties that we can use to manage stress and complement a conscious shift away from anxiety and obsession; and help us to achieve sufficient composure to remember the bigger picture and trust the natural way of things.

Organic essential oils Basil and Sage can be used to assist calmness and a clear, balanced mind.

Frankincense especially has a long history of use in spiritual ritual to facilitate mental quiet and meditation. And professional synergies including a range of effective essential oils offer even greater potential for therapeutic support. Check out Clarity & Confidence, Stress Less and Brow Chakra Oil.

And don't be surprised if you start to find big sister moon helping you along the way.