In more ways than one, these are times of change. You don't have to get spiritual or deep to agree. Let's simply talk weather here for a minute. The erratic changes of seasonal transition are producing full-on physical and sensory extremes. Surely, you have noticed? One minute freezing cold, the next minute almost balmy.

In terms of health and wellbeing, these months present perhaps the greatest challenge of all to our natural resistance to sickness and imbalance. As a building will corrode and deteriorate much more quickly when exposed to the extremes of the elements, so too can our body's fundamental construction be undermined by rapidly fluctuating temperatures and intense experiential shifts.

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So how exactly is it that we catch a cold or a chill? What does it really mean to say that we are 'under the weather'?

Essential Oils Help Fight Against Seasonal Swings

Interestingly enough, common medical wisdom is that there is no justification for believing that we can catch a cold virus from being exposed to cold, wet weather. And yet. Common sense and experience are not entirely diminished by a few controlled experiments.

Looking at traditional medicines around the globe, the balance of hot and cold can be found to feature as a primary consideration for both diagnosis and treatment of sickness. In Chinese medicine it is perceived as an extension of Yin and Yang - as part of the perpetual dualism that presides over and gives rise to all things. Individuals may be Yin dominant, which is cold. Or Yang, which is hot. The main premise of this ancient healing wisdom is that when Yin and Yang are in balance, the body will realize a natural state of good health. Or conversely, a disruption of this equilibrium will result in illness.

Meanwhile, traditional Mexican medicine originating from ancient Inka traditions is governed by a similar belief that disease is caused by an imbalance between hot and cold. For general good health it is considered very important to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. And all illness is categorized as hot or cold before being treated with a controlled measure of the opposite dynamic.

So. What light, if any, does this shed on our currently crazy climatic conditions? If sudden extremes of hot to cold are repeated, is it not then inevitable that the majority of people will be in a state of flux that makes them especially susceptible to cold diseases?


Actually, once we are more aware, a little lateral thinking and common sense can go a long way.  Remember, we are looking to create healthful balance…

• Wear layers and natural fibres to make it easier to regulate your own body temperature

• Embrace the seasonal change of diet to create a balanced transition with progressively more warming foods

• Yes to pumpkin soup with paprika, or maybe even porridge with cinnamon already, but best think twice about lemon ice-cream on that deceptively sunny afternoon

• Feed your body with wholesome nourishing food that is high in minerals and iron - to give your immune system the best fuel to work with. If it seems too hot suddenly for a beefy, bean casserole, how about a still energetically-warming and nutritious lentil and soy salad?

• Avoid empty calories and highly-processed foods

• Increase our Vitamin C intake either through lemons and oranges or more conveniently in a tablet. As a preventative dose 3000-5000 mg a day is fine, once you have fallen ill you could comfortably increase this up to 10000mg per day. This equals about every waking hour 1000mg

• Keep the metabolism strong not only with 'hot' foods but also with plenty of good old-fashioned, body-warming exercise. A brisk walk in the fresh air is ideal, just be sensible about things like hats and windbreakers when the winter winds make a show

Just as in Chinese medicine, where the real emphasis is on supporting the body's natural capacity for healing and recovery, we are looking at giving our body a fighting chance. Which is why alternative forms of natural health care, such as organic essential oils, are especially worth a mention.

Because when the concentrated essence of a medicinal plant is 100% pure and organic, it can integrate seamlessly with the body to support the innate processes of balance and good health. And there is a range of medicinal plant extracts that are particularly fortifying and tonic for the body - more specifically, for the immune system. There are others that are beneficial to the respiratory process and that can help to fight infection and clear congestion in collaboration with the body's own defences.

So, we can pre-empt the weakening effects of extreme temperature changes with a sensual essential oil bath once a week.  Or by diffusing a professional essential oil pure blend into our living, working and school spaces to help inhibit the spread of airborne germs, and to boost body functions. And if we do fall prey to the odd virus, we can still deal with the symptoms in a healthy, wholesome way that continues to support our body's best natural balance.

Manuka Oil, Kanuka oil, Ravensar oil, Cinnamon Leaf oilEucalyptus oil and Clove Bud oil essential oils are all highly therapeutic when high-grade and organic, or wild. Or for safe, effective pure essential oil blends you can trust: organic Immune Plus, Child Immune Plus and Breathe Easy from the natural health experts at Absolute Essential.