As the seasons change, temperatures fluctuate and the kids are back at school, we know the bugs can start to circulate. Common sense has to prevail in lots of ways, but there are a number of simple things we can do to protect ourselves, and guard against airborne germs, as well as helping our bodies and immune systems to stay strong.


Where to start fighting the bugs?

The first step toward staying healthy is to choose a healthy lifestyle. It’s the most simple and effective way to fight away bugs and germs.


Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when it is supported by healthy-living strategies such as:

  • a diet high in fruit and vegetables
  • regular hydration and exercise
  • adequate sleep
  • good hygiene (eg, washing your hands frequently)
  • low stress

Day-to-day protection

Supplement a healthy lifestyle with these common-sense daily practices so you are one step closer to protecting yourself and your family:

  • wash your hands frequently
  • clean home and work surfaces regularly
  • cover your mouth and nose if needed
  • don’t share drinking and eating utensils


If you want to be extra sure, and add another layer of protection against seasonal ills and zealous bugs, then using pure organic essential oils to build up the defences is a great place to start. We all know this, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves.


You know that our Absolute Essential products offer a naturally effective way to keep the family strong, healthy and safe.


Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, expectorant, analgesic and relaxing properties are all readily available with the right combination of pure essential oils – as are important nutrients and detoxifying compounds to benefit sustained health.


Get started with Essential Oil Recipes

These will help keep your living spaces 100% hygienic and clean, at all times.


Therapeutic-grade essential plant oils must be 100% natural and pure. Our Absolute Essential plant oils are either certified organic or wild-grown. They are sourced, produced, processed and handled with care, to maintain optimum integrity and maximum quality and purity.


Here’s a recipe for a powerful disinfectant spray from the health experts at Absolute Essential.

It is effective and perfect for many uses including wiping down counters and desktops, door handles, bathrooms – even keyboards or EFTPOS machines.



Take a 250ml recycled spray bottle and add:

  • 240ml purified water
  • 5ml of a natural liquid soap

Then add the following essential oils:

OR instead of the oils, simply add 5mls of Immune Plus (Organic) Pure Blend.


10 drops of Immune Plus (Organic) Pure Blend or the 3x essential oils above into your diffuser, refreshed hourly.


Add a couple of drops of Immune Plus Oil (Organic) Pure Blend or Child Care: Immune Plus (Organic) Pure Blend (for kids) to hands after washing and rub it in. Due to the volatile nature of the pure plant extracts, it will absorb instantly and leave clean, protected hands. Our brand new hand sanitiser gel has a combination of organic essential oils have been expertly selected for their ability to support against bacteria and viral invasion.