We have been honoured with the NHPNZ Cawthron Institute Innovation Award for our sustainable packaging!

For years we have been troubled seeing packaging that couldn’t be recycled ending up in our landfills. We knew there must be a better way.

Our team worked hard to design and innovate a series of shippers that are strong enough for global transport using zero plastic tape, are fully tamper-proof and fully compostable.

The result is a sustainable shipper box with features including:

🌿 100% Recycled & bio-degradable strong cardboard

🌿 Biodegradable printing

🌿 Tamper-proof closure with plant-based glue

🌿 Strong glue made from rubber

🌿 Compostable packing chips made from water-soluble corn starch

🌿 Printed "Fragile" icon to replace plastic stickers

🌿 One move to assemble a structurally engineered box

🌿 Easily fits together to save packing time

We are very happy with the result and want this packaging concept to be adopted by the people we do business with and then the world! All we ask is a small royalty donation to join us in our ongoing support of orphanages globally. Contact us to learn more at

We are now a five-time national sustainability award winner including being crowned with the Natural Products New Zealand’s Inaugural Supreme Business Award for exemplary conduct as a professional sustainable business.

Absolute Essential’s company vision is ‘to make a positive and permanent difference in people’s lives’. This is from our farmers to our consumers, and future generations to come. Together, we are making a difference every day.