With the hustle and bustle of the festive season now behind us, we can focus on what we all love most about summer ‘down under’ – and that is, time off work, stepping into the great outdoors, soaking up some sun and recharging with a good dose of rest and relaxation.

Every minute of this holiday time is precious. So, the last thing you want or need is to have your break ruined by the irritation, inconvenience or pain of bites, scrapes, scratches and sunburn. Of course, swarming insects and the scorching sun are part and parcel of every antipodean summer. But that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it. Absolutely not!

Let me share with you 6 powerful botanical remedies that I always pack into my suitcase this time of year; an easy and all-natural checklist to keep you and your family protected this summer, and ensure happy, healthy, relaxed times ahead...

Easy natural First Aid for the family


The Dalai Lama once said, “If you don’t think small things can make a difference, spend the night with a mosquito”. He wasn’t wrong! I’d add that the only thing worse than being kept up all night by that incessant buzzing is getting up the next day to find yourself covered in red, itchy welts. But never fear, we have just the thing. Pure, powerful and family-safe, Bugs Repel (organic) is a professionally formulated, concentrated blend of all-natural and certified organic essential oils that can be kept on hand and added to sunscreen, moisturisers or body lotions as required. Alternatively, 10-15 drops in a ceramic aroma diffuser will create an instant insect-free zone.

Also available as a light spray solution that can be applied to skin and over clothes as an effective bug shield. Quick and easy, probably the most convenient way to apply to fidgety babies and small children. Certainly gentle enough to protect them as they sleep. 100% chemical-free, 100% sensitive skin-friendly – and best of all, it smells surprisingly good (no harsh citronella tones here).



We’re all aware that time in the sun must be carefully measured, and that a good layer of sunscreen* (re-applied frequently) is a must. It can be challenging though, avoiding the burn - especially if you’re on the beach, in and out of the water and trying wrangle fast, slippery kids! Something I always have on hand (actually, I keep it in the fridge) is cooling, soothing Aloe Vera Gel (organic), as it’s the perfect after-sun treatment; nature’s natural healer, offering instant hydration and cooling relief while providing exactly what the skin needs to minimise damage and support the repair process. Slather it on until the heat ebbs. Apply at least 3-6 times to ensure saturation.

*Pre-sunscreen, here’s a tip that will make a big difference to your (and especially your childrens’) health…



Before applying sunscreen, massage Jojoba Oil Golden (organic) into the skin. It acts more like a liquid wax than an oil, absorbing easily and forming a seal that stops the skin from becoming too dehydrated (preventing wrinkles), while also offering a protective barrier between your body and whatever sunscreen you’re using (high SPF sunscreens are usually full of toxins and chemicals; nasty compounds you don’t want absorbed through the skin). This is double layer protection… and my go-to ritual before venturing onto the beach or into the great outdoors.

And if, like me, you love to be in nature, then remember to take a basic first aid kit with you, as the chance of getting cut, scraped, bumped or bruised can be high! Nothing too elaborate. In fact, 3 small bottles are all you need…



An amazing family-friendly essential oil that stands alone as a first aid staple due to its multitude of applications.
Wipe 5 drops over broken skin, bruises or bites to disinfect, aid healing and ease pain. Also use to soothe an upset tummy, support relaxing sleep or as a rescue response when feeling overwhelmed.



With powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, this wonderful essential oil is your go-to healer, cleanser and purifier. Wipe 5 drops over cuts and abrasions to disinfect, follow with a good layer of Aloe Vera Gel (organic) to aid healing. Also use to support healthy respiration, and to ease congestion.



A stimulating and refreshing essential oil that’s excellent for topical pain relief when the skin’s not broken (massage 5 drops over affected area to soothe sprains, strains or that special backpain that comes from sleeping on a camp mattress).
Also great for easing headaches and nausea: 1 drop on the tongue when in a boat or car. Or rub 1-2 drops to the temples (away from eyes) if you’re feeling dusty, having ‘over indulged’ the night before.

To make things extra convenient we’ve bundled these 3 therapeutic-grade first aiders into one lovely, lightweight (sustainable) Lokta box - which is easy to pack, and saves you around $20 off the price of purchasing the oils individually.

FIRST AID ESSENTIALS (ORGANIC) - the perfect solution to support a more efficient return to health, through the curative power of nature!

Stay safe, healthy and happy - AND enjoy your summer break.

- Dr Bo Hendgen (DO ND AM)

Absolute Essential is a company that is environmentally and ethically responsible, using only sustainable sources of 100% wild and organic ingredients... the name you and your family can trust to be safe, gentle and effective. Kinder on your skin, and kinder to the planet. It's all good!