A while back I posted a blog on an exceptional new therapeutic oil called Organic Argan Oil. I promised a follow up on the upcoming hair product that I was working on using Argan and Jojoba.

Well, its a tough job but somebody has to do it - experimenting with the worlds finest luxury carrier oils!

Those who know me will tell you that I have long hair and an active lifestyle. I spend hours digging in the garden, riding horses in all weathers, travelling in a range of climates, and swimming in a pool or the ocean.

So, I know all about frizz, dryness and damage. Plus I can happily wax lyrical on the oily, lack-luster effects of hours of travel and pollution.

Secret to beautiful hair? Using raw natural plant oils with simple hair care

What I'm saying is, finding the perfect hair care formula has been a personal mission of mine. Basically, its testament to the power of plant oils that I didn't give in and go for an easy short cut.

You probably already know why pure plant oils are great on the skin because they deliver essential nutrients, hydration and natural cleansing at a purely compatible level.

Using essential natural oils to emulate the balance of beautiful healthy hair means you will have to forgo the frothing, coating, creaminess and lingering perfumes that have all become trademarks of luxury hair care.

These may appeal to your senses somewhat but their effects on your hair are not long lasting. The main thing is to avoid artificial fragrance, colouring and coating agents that build up in the hair.

You have to wonder what is so professional about hair products that disrupt natural balance and undermine the long-term health of your locks.

So, of course a 100% natural, plant-based shampoo is the perfect companion to a plant oil routine.  Though now I have my hair oil perfected, it might be time to start working on a shampoo formula!

What is it that makes Absolute Hair Care Oil so special?

The ingredients that go into the final synergy of Absolute Hair Care Oil have been carefully picked for their remarkable nutrient content and compatibility with the oils that occur naturally on the human body.

Organic Jojoba, for example, is a liquid wax that has a molecular structure very like sebum. This complements natural balance and easily penetrates skin and hair cells with vitamins and essential fatty acids for long-lasting effect.

The wax consistency leaves an invisible film to protect the hair and locks in moisture. It also repairs the hair by filling in cuticle damage on the hair shaft.

Organic Argan Oil is in there too.

This is the new wonder oil that has the single most intense content of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids of any known oil. Again it is at a molecular composition that matches the balance in healthy hair and skin.

And organic Avocado oil with all its omegas, vitamins and protective nutrients.

The full ingredient listing can be seen here, but suffice to say that there are some super cleansing, conditioning and moisturising essential oils that are also blended into this base of amazing natural carrier oils, to amplify and extend the final synergy.

The fragrance is light and spicy and the overall effect is most definitely luxurious.

  • Lasting, locked-in moisture
  • Vibrant elasticity and shine
  • Health plus for hair loss, dandruff, damage and frizz
  • Natural shield to sun and weather


You can use Absolute Hair Care Oil as an overnight treatment for damaged hair, to control dandruff and scalp irritation, or to simply nourish and cleanse for a super healthy head of hair:

  • Before bed massage about a teaspoon of hair oil through your hair with the fingertips (obviously depending on how much hair you have)
  • Work it in from scalp to fingertips and apply more at the ends if especially dry
  • In the morning simply wash and rinse

For frizz control and added shine and bounce:

  • Apply a small amount by the fingertips through damp hair, or
  • Apply a little directly onto dry ends

Celebrating a special partnership for your body:

Argan Oil is great for skin and hair, so I would keep that handy in your bag so you are never without the chance of a quick touch up and moisturize – face or hair – and the Absolute Hair Oil I challenge you to do without, once you have tried it for yourself.


Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value. See more at Absolute Essential