Hangovers… something most of us have suffered from at some stage - in some form or other.

If you're very lucky it will only be a feeling of dizziness and blocked energy due to lack of sleep, but if you've had a big night with way too much fun and over-indulged in food and alcohol it can result in a full-blown hangover. You know how it feels!

You wake up in the morning suffering from a headache and nausea - a feeling that doesn't go away until you've taken painkillers, lots of water and given your body time to rid itself from the toxic effects of excesses. You start to come right sometime later in the day and don't want to even think about a drink… until the next time.

A similar feeling can occur when you have been working too hard! Pushing your body to the limits and not getting enough rest can result in feelings of irritability, loss of appetite, a lacking in energy and the realisation that you really need to take some time out or at least slow down and give your body a natural healthy boost.

Likewise, if you are studying hard and spending long hours over-taxing your brain and exerting huge amounts of energy you will need to give your brain some help!

Whether you are working, partying or studying too hard there is a gentle effective cure to your rescue.

Essential Oils for Hangover and Headache

Head Ease Pure Blend (organic) will be your savour! It is a completely natural blend of refreshing, cleansing essential oils with specific qualities to help clear the mental cobwebs and support a healthy balance. It offers a powerful cool aroma that is uplifting and inspiring, with immediate impact on stuck energy and tension.

A versatile blend of concentrates, Head Ease can be used as a rescue response for queasiness and headaches, with a drop or two to the nape of the neck and the temples, or diffused to create an environment conducive to focus and study. It's the perfect antidote when you need a break to quieten your mind and refresh your intellect and get ready to carry on, you may feel an immediate response.

peppermint organic essential oil

Another gentle remedy that is very effective is our organic Peppermint essential oil - this offers a range of powerful therapeutic benefits that make it a household staple for those in the know.

Apart from its immediate refreshing qualities that help clear the mind and encourage the natural release of painful headache tension, Peppermint also helps to clear congestion and promote deep restorative breathing; it is cleansing and balancing for nausea and digestive upset and exceptional when applied directly on sore, tight muscles.

Instant Cure:
Next time you are suffering from a headache due to over indulgence place a drop on back of Peppermint oil on the back of your hand and lick it, the result is instant.