Kiwis are known to be travellers. The Kiwi statistics reveal that around half the country's population goes abroad every year. And for sure, most of the people I know have travelled somewhere abroad, either for business or pleasure, in the last few years at least.

With family in Europe and business contacts all over the world, I certainly collect my share of air miles too. I like to think of myself as a good traveler - sufficiently flexible and resilient to ride out all the unglamorous, unpredictable and downright uncomfortable events of international travel.

But it could have more to do with having the right pure essential oils and organic natural health products at my fingertips when I pack.

How to travel with some degree of comfort and security

A year or so ago, I managed to fit in a trek to the Nepalese mountains in the middle of a business itinerary that jumped from scouting traditional aromatic crops in rural nowhere, to distributor meetings in a sprawling Asian metropolis. I had to travel light and pack only essentials, so where most people would allocate space to a first-aid kit and a few toiletries, I made some adjustments to the conventional choices and basically snuck in a powerful mini travel clinic.

I was able to address grueling hours of plane-sitting and nocturnal airport transfers; crumpled, endless bus bumping and dodgy roadside food; blisters, aches and altitude headaches; business meetings with jet lag; and, not least, persistent biting bugs in malaria terrain.

No spring chicken was I, but I managed to effectively nurture my wellness and natural balance to sustain sufficient energy and enthusiasm for it all. Compact, versatile and wholesome, I have to say that therapeutic plant oils make fantastic travel companions.

What to pack for wellbeing and natural balance

Of course, it depends on where you are going and what you are going to be up to but some things we don't get to choose.

I pretty much always carry Lavender TrueTea Tree and some Skin Repair Cream wherever I go. There are more of my top travel items set out in the chart below and the many ways they can help to make the whole experience smoother.

Essential Oils

How to use

Oregano (organic)
Oregano is known as a natural antibiotic and is tonic on nerves and energy. Effective against the kind of bacteria that lurks in bad food, it is also proven against virus, fungi? and parasites. Plus it has calming properties that aid healthy digestion.

Add 2-3d (drops) to a palm serving of body lotion to massage on sore muscles.

Add 2-3d to the bath (15mins) or to a cloth for inhalation to soothe nerves and refresh energy.

Add 1-2d to salad dressing to aid digestion and fortify immunity.

Make a 'belly blend' with equal parts Peppermint, Oregano and Kanuka essential oils (in a dark glass bottle with dropper-top and seal).

1-2d in a glass of water with food to aid digestion.

To guard against traveler's tummy:

Add 1 drop 'belly blend' to a charcoal capsule (the charcoal binds toxins and reduces gas). Take up to 2 capsules with each meal. (I used this method travelling through rural Nepal and had no tummy issues at all.)

To aid recovery when it's too late:

Increase above dose to 3 drops per capsule,

6-8 times a day. (This will help with symptoms of nausea, cramping and pain, and to inhibit and kill infection.)

Kanuka (wild)
A Tea Tree cousin, Kanuka has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. As well as a useful disinfectant, it can be used for respiratory benefit and digestive health. It is health fortifying and comes with calming, tonic effect.

Add 5d to steaming hot water to inhale for allergies/ congestion.

1-2d to clean feet for fungal infection. Or 15d to a footbath.

5-10d to bath to boost immunity.

3d to 1tsp honey in ¼ cup warm water and sip, x3 daily for recovery from diarrhea.

10d to 1l water for wound wash, or disinfectant rinse. 1-2d in moisturiser for quick hand clean.

1-2d direct to cuts, scrapes & pimples.

5d to 1tsp body lotion for insect repellent (or combine with Peppermint, 2d each).

Peppermint (organic)
This powerful oil has analgesic, antiseptic, decongestant and stimulant properties. Beyond the many practical applications to physical wellbeing, its super cleansing power works on an energetic level to help restore balance and clarity.

Rub a drop or two direct to muscle aches and pains.

1d on tongue for headaches, nausea, and to refresh the mind.

Massage 1-2d drop in body lotion or olive oil clockwise to belly for cramps.

1-2d in glass of water with food for digestion.

2-3 drops on cloth to inhale for congestion.

3d to 1tsp body lotion for insect repellent (or combine with Kanuka, 2d each).


How to use:

Travel Slumber (organic)
To help re-program your body for sleep when the body clock is disrupted. A body blend including powerful essential oil concentrates with sedative and calming properties.

Apply 10d (drops) to wrist and neck to help quiet the body for restful sleep. Repeat hourly if necessary.

Use also for massage to help restore a tired body and aid natural relaxation.

Travel Awake (organic)
Invigorating active oils that support mental clarity and alertness, to help restore concentration and counter body-clock fatigue. Excellent when travelling on business.

Apply 10d to wrist and neck to refresh energy and hourly to support wakefulness through until new sleeping time

In-flight Relief Cream (organic)
Nourishing, refreshing cream to help prevent the discomfort of fluid build-up and keep you lively for your destination. Supports healthy circulation and natural body balance, soothes muscles, deodorizes and guards against fungi.

Massage into feet, ankles and calf muscles before and during flights. Repeat hourly.

Also wonderful at the end of a long day sightseeing, trekking or standing in line.

Eye Soothe (organic)
This is one that never fails to prove its worth - a blend of distilled waters imbued with the soluble properties of Rose, Lavender and Chamomile. It is very gentle and cooling and can be used in many different ways to refresh and cleanse.

Spray into the eye or apply to cotton wool and rest on eyes for allergy, infection, contact dryness, pollution or dust (gentle enough for babies).

Use as above after hours of air conditioning and wakeful travel to help restore tired, dry eyes.

Use as a spritzer on your face and neck to refresh and cool off on hot journeys.

Use as a toner with cotton wool to cleanse away dirt and grime on your skin.

Spray direct to sunburn to help cool and soothe skin.

Spray on hands with 2-3d Kanuka (see above) to disinfect.

Bugs Repel (organic)
This is a potent essential oils blend - a totally natural plant formula with no harmful chemicals and inbuilt healing properties to help calm itchy bites and guard against infection.

For family holidays pack your diffuser and 5-10d will create a safe, no-bug area.

Add a 3-5d drops to a palm serving of body lotion or sunscreen for topical application.

Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value.